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Celebrate togetherness with Thank You Day

On Saturday 4 June, we would love for parkrun events to come together and celebrate togetherness, gratitude, and all things community – the beating heart of parkrun.    Of course, parkrun events are already a fantastic way of uniting people, but why not extend the togetherness with a delicious post-parkrun picnic?   For Thank You…

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Helping me to belong

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging, and parkrun provides a perfect opportunity for people to connect with their local community, make new friends and create a network beyond the defence force.   Thousands of people around the world in all stages of their military life take part in parkrun, including Liz, an…

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It’s great to volunteer!

During the second half of April, North America celebrates the Volunteer.  This is the time of year where we collectively appreciate the contributions of volunteers and the health and wellbeing benefits of being one. This week it is National Volunteer Week in the USA, and it’s Canada’s turn to celebrate next week.   At parkrun volunteers…

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A family affair

All around the world children and young people take part in parkrun events with their families. The UK, Ireland and Australia even have a junior parkrun series, which is 2k on a Sunday.   The first junior parkrun took place 12 years ago this month. What better time to take a closer look at families…

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Three years of parkrun Japan

Three years on from the launch of parkrun Japan, there are now 29 events spread over a country that is made up of more than 7,000 islands.    Events in the region even helped with the 2011 tsunami recovery project.   Haru is the Japanese word for spring, a time of year that symbolises new…

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Welcome to parkrun!

parkrun events provide a safe, welcoming and friendly community for everyone, whether you want to come along and walk, jog, run, volunteer, spectate or meet new people.    We encourage you to share the below article with those who may benefit from the support of the parkrun community.    A Ukrainian translation of the article…

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Five reasons we love the barcode

At parkrun, we’ve always tried to keep that event day experience the same as it was back when we began in 2004.   But one thing has evolved over the years – the barcode. Here we take a look at the importance of the barcode, and why we love it.   For the first five…

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Together or apart

After moving to Sweden in 2019, Laura Stepko went along to Malmö Ribersborg parkrun to meet new people and make friends.   Little did she know that it would lead to a chance meeting over post-parkrun coffee, which would eventually take her to the other side of the world to start a new life –…

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Canada Coronavirus update 9th March 2022

We continue to review provincial and local restrictions which affect the staging of parkrun events.  These restrictions are changing frequently so while we have the following announcement to make, please note that they may change with a short amount of notice.   Events in Nova Scotia can resume from 26th March 2022. This does not guarantee your local event will be…

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Mise à jour sur le Coronavirus Canadien – 9 mars 2022

Nous suivons les restrictions qui affectent nos événements parkrun tant au niveau local qu’au provincial. Voici donc les dernières informations que nous pouvons vous communiquer. Veuillez noter que ces restrictions changent rapidement et ce, avec peu de préavis. Nonobstant cette annonce, il demeure possible que d’autres changements soient déjà annoncés.   Les événements en Nouvelle-Écosse peuvent reprendre…