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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 15 September

There are just a few days to go before this Saturday’s reopening of Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun on the Falkland Islands, as well as all three events in Australia’s Northern Territory. It’s an incredibly exciting time for all of us and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of the entire parkrun family when I…

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Mise à jour relative à la COVID-19 (coronavirus) : 8 septembre 2020

Nous avons le plaisir de confirmer que, comme annoncé par les chaînes locales vendredi dernier, parkrun est sur le point de revenir dans les Îles Malouines (Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun) et dans le Territoire du Nord de l’Australie le 19 septembre.   Comme nous l’avons confirmé dans la mise à jour de la semaine dernière,…

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The time to act is now

We face the prospect of living in a world where being apart becomes normal, and where the risk associated with social interaction and participating in physical activity is deemed to outweigh the benefit.   parkrun’s Global Head of Health and Wellbeing Chrissie Wellington tells us why the time is now for resuming parkrun.   Following…

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parkrun to return in England

parkrun Global Chief Executive Officer Nick Pearson announces intent to resume parkrun events in England toward the end of October.   Ever since parkrun events closed in the UK and across the world, we’ve been focused on understanding how and when we would be able to resume in a safe and appropriate way.   Throughout, we…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 8 September

We are delighted to confirm that, as announced on local channels last Friday, parkrun is set to return in the Falkland Islands (Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun) and in Australia’s Northern Territory on Saturday 19 September.   As we confirmed in last week’s update, there are clear and specific local guidelines that permit us to return…

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Rapid review of evidence for outdoor transmission of COVID-19 published

We’re excited to publish the findings of the rapid review of evidence for outdoor transmission of COVID-19, commissioned by parkrun and undertaken by the Centre for Sport, Physical Education & Activity Research (spear) at Canterbury Christ Church University.   Led by Professor Mike Weed and Dr Abby Foad, the review looked at evidence of incidents…

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Mise à jour relative à la COVID-19 (coronavirus) : 1 septembre 2020

Ceux d’entre vous qui ont suivi ces mises à jour hebdomadaires depuis début avril savent que, si nous n’excluons rien, notre préférence initiale était de ne lancer que des pays parkrun entiers à la fois. Cette préférence était fondée sur un certain nombre de facteurs, mais surtout sur le fait que la complexité de la…

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Faites travailler vos méninges

Courir pour moi, c’est une forme de thérapie. L’exercice est de toute évidence bénéfique pour tout le monde, mais je souffre d’une commotion cérébrale. La Lésion cérébrale traumatique légère (LCT) comporte plusieurs symptômes et ils ne disparaissent pas. L’exercice avec un LCT doit se faire de façon équilibré. L’aérobie aide à la guérison. Il incite…

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Jog Your Memory

Running, for me, is rehab. Exercise has great benefits for everyone, of course, but I have post-concussion syndrome. That’s what they call it when you have a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), and the symptoms just won’t quit. Exercising with a TBI is a balancing act, though.  Aerobic exercise helps the healing. It triggers your body…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 1 September

Those of you who have followed these weekly updates since early April will know that, whilst we wouldn’t rule anything out, our initial preference has been that we would only start entire parkrun countries at a time. This was based on a number of factors, but largely that the complexity of supporting numerous varied regulations,…