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Update on changes to milestone t-shirts

Earlier this year we announced some changes to the milestone t-shirts that recognise and reward individual participation at parkrun.   As we prepare to implement the new process, here’s the latest information.   Back in March 2021 we let you know about changes we are making to milestone t-shirts.   We had initially hoped that…

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Hope and optimism

Serious health issues saw Chris Smith admitted to hospital in 2020, and then facing a long road to recovery.   He wrote himself a motivational note that simply read ‘parkrun’. Here’s his story of how that note inspired him to keep going in the face of adversity.   In all my years of running I…

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Mise à jour sur le Coronavirus Canadien – 26 août 2021

Plus d’événements sont maintenant redémarrés et près de la moitié sont cédulés ou en préparation pour effectuer un retour dans les prochaines semaines.   Ce fut plaisant de voir le lancement du parkrun Barton Trail plus tôt en août et nous constatons une belle progression des retours d’événements en Colombie-Britannique et en Ontario.   Nous…

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Canada Coronavirus update 26th August

More events have been returning and we have around half of events either back, or scheduled to be back in the coming weeks.   It was great to see the launch of Barton Trail parkrun earlier in August, and we have had good progress in BC and Ontario with returning events.   We still await…

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5e anniversaire de parkrun au Canada

Nous avons 5 ans ! parkrun a été inauguré au Canada en août 2016 et nous avons fait beaucoup de chemin depuis. Nous nous sommes fait de nouveaux amis, avons entendu plusieurs histoires et sommes très heureux que vous vous êtes joints à nous. Pour souligner l’occasion, voici 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être…

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Happy 5th Anniversary, to us!

We are 5!  parkrun launched in Canada August 2016 and we’ve been on quite a journey since then. We’ve made so many new friends and heard so many stories and we’re glad you have been able to join us. To mark the occasion, here are 5 things that you may have not known about parkrun Canada:  …

Canada love 5
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Finding love at parkrun

Nikki Foster and Colin Ward had been unlucky in love, with a string of bad online dates behind them. While Nikki joined parkrun in January 2016 and Colin a few months later in June, they had never met there and wouldn’t meet in person until the following year.    Ready to give up online dating,…

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Mise à jour sur le Coronavirus Canadien – 5 août 2021

Certains événements parkrun sont maintenant de retour depuis quelques semaines et ce, depuis que certaines restrictions se sont assouplies à travers le pays. D’autres suivront dans les semaines à venir.   Les parkruns lac Henderson, Saint-Paulin, de l’île Strathcona et l’Okanagan sont déjà de retour.   Plusieurs facteurs peuvent déterminer si un parkrun peut redémarrer…

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From Olympian to parkrunner

As the gaze of the sporting world falls onto the Tokyo Olympics, regular parkrunner Judy Pollock will be taking a keener interest than most.   At the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Judy won a bronze medal in the 400 metres, the first of her three Olympic Games. Between 1965 and 1967, she set world…

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Relaunch Update

We have some parkrun events already return in the past few weeks as restrictions have been loosening across the country. More are to follow in the coming weeks.   Already returned are Henderson Lake parkrun, Saint-Paulin parkrun, Strathcona Island parkrun, and Okanagan parkrun.  (edit 12th August – Okanagan parkrun has since paused due to local restrictions)  …