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Canada’s newest parkrun: Avery Beach parkrun, Huntsville

parkrun is going from strength to strength, particularly in Ontario. The founder of Avery Beach parkrun tells us about her running journey, and how a recent state of emergency has meant a couple of false starts!   I’ve been an on again, off again runner for most of my life. Sometimes more serious (but still…

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Réflexions sur les 36 semaines du parkrun Wascana

Karen Lawson, codirectrice du parkrun Wascana, regarde le vers l’arrière, réfléchit au chemin parcouru par le parkrun de Regina et aux bienfaits qu’une course hebdomadaire gratuite peut apporter à une communauté!   Cet été, à l’occasion du premier anniversaire de la planification du parkrun Wascana (dont la date officielle de lancement est le 4 août…

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Reflections on 36 weeks of Wascana parkrun

Wascana parkrun Co-Event Director Karen Lawson takes a trip down memory lane, reflecting on how far the Regina parkrun has come, and what a free, weekly timed run can do for a community!   With this summer marking the one-year anniversary of planning for Wascana parkrun (with August 4th, 2018 being its official launch date),…

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In The Spotlight: Beach Strip parkrun

Each month we focus on a different Canadian parkrun. This month, it’s Beach Strip in Hamilton which just celebrated its second anniversary.   Before Beach Strip started, parkrun existed mainly on the west coast in Canada. With that in mind, four people from southern Ontario decided to start one in their community. Wayne Arnold, Stephan…

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New parkrun: Gillies Lake, Timmins, ON

We’re delighted to announce another new event to the parkrun Canada family – welcome Gillies Lake, Timmins, Ontario!   The country’s newest free, weekly timed 5km will take two loops around Gillies Lake, and is mainly flat with just 1 hill to contend with.   Event Director Jeremie and his team will be kicking off…

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Bellevue parkrun Milestones

Spring is late in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. With snowfall on the morning of the last Bellevue parkrun of April, a group of hardy runners gathered to celebrate a couple of milestones: the first personal, and the second to welcome the opening of the third Bellevue parkrun season. Chris Bean tells us more!   We…

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Quelques jalons du parkrun Bellevue

Le printemps est tardif à Sault-Sainte-Marie, Ontario. Avec la neige tombée dans la matinée du dernier parkrun Bellevue d’avril, un groupe de coureurs endurcis s’est réuni pour célébrer deux étapes importantes: la première personnelle et la seconde pour saluer le début de la troisième saison de Parkrun Bellevue. Chris Bean nous en dit plus!  …

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Running back to health

Suddenly and dramatically impacted by a medical condition called sarcoidosis, Brenda shares how parkrun Meadowvale provides structure to her weekly run commitment. And that’s just the start of the benefits of parkrun   Running has meaning for everyone.  For me? I felt embarrassingly slow, uncoordinated. I had memories of stumbling – parched – over my grade school’s…

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Research reveals benefit of parkrun on mental health

Think parkrun is a great way to improve your physical health? It is – but according to research conducted by Staffordshire University, parkrun’s benefit on mental health extends far beyond physical activity and has the potential to support people outside of traditional mental health services.   People with mental health difficulties are among the most socially isolated…

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April Volunteer Update

Hello, and welcome to the first edition of the parkrun USA & Canada Volunteer update!   Our goal in developing this update is to share important and useful information with parkrun volunteers. You will receive one email per month via this channel. If you read only one thing from parkrun each month, please read this!…