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5K? Groomed trail? Camaraderie? I’m IN!

This week, we hear from Mary Brown, a parkrunner from Eramosa River Trail in Guelph, ON who tells us what parkrun means to her. My name is Mary Brown, I am 61 years old and I LOVE parkrun.   My grandson, Maxton Lambert, is 11 years old and he LOVES parkrun.   We are 50…

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parkrun ne serait pas possible sans bénévoles

Ted s’est rendu au parkrun Meadowvale plus souvent que quiconque – mais il n’a jamais participé au 5 km. Lawrence Jeffery, directeur de l’événement, explique comment Ted est devenu partie intégrante de leur équipe.     Un parkrun remplit ses postes de bénévoles de diverses façons. Les coureurs/marcheurs qui veulent donner en retour et les…

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The joy of volunteering at parkrun

Ted has been to Meadowvale parkrun more than anyone else – but he has never participated in the 5km course. Event Director Lawrence Jeffery explains how Ted became an integral part of their team.   A parkrun fills its roster from various sources. Walkers, joggers and runners who want to offer a helping a hand. and high school students…

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Mud, Milk and Cookies- parkrun highlights at age 11

This week we hear from some of our younger parkrunners from south of the border in the U.S.A.   We love that so many kids participate in parkrun. It turns out, they love participating, too! We’ve interviewed two parkrunners from different areas of the country, and both happen to be the same age. One is…

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We are recruiting!

We are recruiting! We have a vacancy for a full-time Territory Manager, based in North America, to join the parkrun Global Team.   From quiet beginnings, parkrun has grown into a worldwide social movement with community its beating heart.   Committed to breaking down barriers to participation in regular physical activity and bringing communities together,…

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Perspectives from a USA parkrunner

With new parkruns springing up in the USA as well as Canada, cross-border parkrunning is an option for those of us who want to try a new course. Tim Gallagher from the USA has made it an annual tradition to visit Bellevue parkrun in Sault Ste Marie, ON.   I am a dedicated parkrunner and…

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parkrun c’est avant tout une communauté et notre communauté c’est nos bénévoles

parkrun, c’est beaucoup de choses pour beaucoup de gens. Pour certains, c’est un moyen de suivre leurs progrès, devenir plus rapide et de s’engager à courir tous les samedis matin. Pour d’autres, c’est l’amitié et le fait de faire partie de quelque chose qu’ils aiment.   parkrun est fondamentalement un événement de course à pied,…

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parkrun is about community and our community is our volunteers

parkrun is many things to many people. For some it’s a way to track their progress, get faster and commit to running every Saturday morning. For others it’s friendship and being a part of something they love.   parkrun is fundamentally a running event, but it’s also so so much more, it’s about health and…

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We’re all about removing barriers

We are all about the community and removing barriers at parkrun. We are thrilled to be featured in the latest edition of iRun magazine.   Read the full article here.  

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Family time at parkrun

“parkrun makes my heart happy…I was thinking of doing it forever,‘’ said Alvin Yau’s five-year-old daughter when he told her he was going to write about parkrun. Here, Alvin writes about what else parkrun gives his family, beyond happy hearts!   parkrun – or Wascana parkrun to be more specific – has given my family so many opportunities. To name…