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Défis et opportunités

Le 7 mars 2020, nous avons tenu notre 179e parkrun au parc Nose Hill à Calgary. C’était très plaisant de participer au parkrun en cette journée internationale de la femme et de porter du violet à -12 degrés. Une équipe locale de soccer féminin est arrivée et même quelques chiens étaient déguisés pour l’occasion.  …

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 26 May 2020

We can now confirm that parkrun events across the world will be suspended until the end of June.   Please note that this represents a minimum time-frame for all parkrun countries and we expect most, if not all, closures to be in place for longer.   Despite this announcement of extended closure, our view of…

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The history of timekeeping at parkrun

Once upon a time, a man named Paul and a few of his longtime friends started meeting in their local park at the same time each week. Paul would record the time it took them to run a 5km course, then they’d have a whale of a time talking and chatting in the cafe afterwards….

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Spotlight on: Malaysia

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world, and we’ll be taking a closer look at a number of them.   This week we hear how parkrun launched in Malaysia! Emer Breen and Caroline Murray share the story…   The idea to launch parkrun in Malaysia came from a team of enthusiastic volunteers…

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Mise à jour COVID-19 (Coronavirus): mardi 19 mai

Il me fait plaisir de vous informer que nous avons tenu des discussions avec près de 1 000 équipes organisatrices et ambassadeurs des 22 pays où parkrun est présent et ce qui conclut donc officiellement, ce projet de consultation.   Ceci étant dit, les bénévoles et les équipes organisatrices souhaitant prendre contact avec nous sont…

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Un parkrun touristique dans la région des chutes du Niagara

Une fois l’interdiction de voyager COVID-19 levée, vous serez peut-être inspiré à venir visiter l’une des chutes les plus célèbres du monde, les chutes du Niagara? La bonne nouvelle est que vous pouvez le faire sans manquer un parkrun!   Il y a plusieurs événements parkrun parsemés autour du lac Ontario, y compris le parkrun…

parkrun tourism in the Niagara Falls region
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parkrun tourism in the Niagara Falls region

Once the COVID-19 travel ban is lifted, maybe you’re inspired to visit one of the world’s most famous waterfalls, Niagara Falls? The good news is that you can do so without missing a parkrun! There are a number of events dotted around Lake Ontario, including Nautical parkrun in Oakville, ON.   Though smaller in numbers…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 19 May

I’m pleased to say we have now spoken with just under 1,000 event teams and ambassadors from all 22 parkrun countries, and that project has now formally concluded.   As always however, should event teams and volunteers wish to speak with us that opportunity remains available and I’d urge them to get in touch if…

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Spotlight on: Italy

The parkrun family is made up of 22 countries around the world, and we’ll be taking a closer look at a number of them.   This week marked five years since the first parkrun in Italy, and Country Manager Giorgio Cambiano tells us all about the history of parkrun Italia.   In March 2014, I had…

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Food for thought in uncertain times

My name is Sarah Cain and I am a nutritionist located in Airlie Beach in Australia’s Whitsundays. My belief is that we are all different — and so are our bodies, lives and goals — and therefore our nutrition should reflect that.   During these uncertain times, in particular due to many of us spending…