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What are you thankful for?

Each year, parkruns around the world celebrate one ‘special day’, where they can hold an additional parkrun outside of the usual Saturday morning.   The United States are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, and with it their special parkrunday. Join us as we take a look at the tradition.   For much of United States history,…

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Don’t look for inspiration, look to inspire

Born with a rare genetic eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa, causing slow vision degeneration, Shayne Allen said his life motto was not to look for inspiration but to inspire.   Shayne started taking part in Woy Woy parkrun in Australia in 2019, and this is his story.   Despite having less than five per cent central vision,…

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Mise à jour sur le Coronavirus Canadien – 12 novembre 2021

Mise à jour du 12 novembre sur la situation du coronavirus au Canada    En octobre, nous avons réussi à redémarrer plus d’événements et trois parkrun sur quatre au Canada sont maintenant en opération.   De plus, nous sommes heureux que de vous annoncer que le parkrun Noel Booth Community (en Colombie-Britannique) s’est ajoutée à…

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Canada Coronavirus update 12th November

In October we were able to relaunch more events, bringing us to having 3 out of every 4 Canadian parkruns currently open.   In addition to our returning events, we were delighted to see the Noel Booth Community parkrun.   We continue to work with events and cities to re-open the remaining events.   There are many…

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Uxbridge welcomes Barton Trail parkrun!

It’s incredible how one chance encounter decades ago can lead to a parkrun event which benefits the local community in so many ways.  Barton Trail parkrun was built from one such meeting and has already led to hundreds of finishers.   Susan Stone was an invited to run in the ‘Run Barbados 10K’ in 1988 where she met…

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parkrun South Africa turns 10

Lions delaying the start, whale sightings on the coast, curious giraffes and pre-event briefings in Zulu. This month, parkrun South Africa turns 10.   To celebrate, parkrun South Africa President Bruce Fordyce talks us through the growth of parkrun across a country that now boasts the slowest average parkrun finish time at 42.57.   One…

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Achieve your dreams

After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Karen Worsell was looking for ways to maintain her fitness. Inspired by her son and grandchildren, she set her sights on her first parkrun. Now she wants everyone else to know they can achieve their dreams too.   Here’s her story.   From my earliest days I have always wanted…

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There’s still time to help with research on running through COVID-19

University of Nottingham researchers are still inviting parkrunners of all levels to take part in a study examining how their running habits changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what impact running could potentially have on the virus itself.   This research is supported by The parkrun Research Board, and here’s how you can take part….

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Don’t forget your BOOcode!

It’s going to be a great Halloween, we can feel it in our bones!   As the spooky season creeps up on us, we take a look back at some of the most memorable Halloween moments from around the world.   parkrun has a few traditions such as the extra event on New Years Day, the…

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Feeling so welcomed

After a big life move, Naomi Dawson found herself in a brand new country, knowing nobody.   Local parkruns helped her integrate into new communities, and make many long-lasting friendships along the way.   I wasn’t a runner, never had been. Then, in 2013, someone told me about parkrun.   I completed the Couch to 5k programme, after…