News - 25th July 2018

So why start a parkrun?


My wife and I, well mostly my wife used to frequent the parkrun in Porirua, New Zealand. Celine ran most weeks; when I came along I pushed our 2 young girls in the stroller.  We are both very different with regard to run goals. I have a competitive urge that seems to get unleashed anytime I am on the start line while Celine is there to finish and have fun.


After leaving New Zealand and moving to Canada we found we missed parkrun. Strangely, it was not just the competitive bit I missed but also the social part; meeting up with friends each week or visiting with acquaintances that were outside our normal circles of friends.  It truly was a great way to meet people and connect.


So after talking to a few other locals we decided to try to contact parkrun Canada to try to see if we could start the event with a similar atmosphere to the parkrun Porirua. We talked to lots of people and made great contacts in the community; a core group of us worked towards getting everything setup which included raising startup funds from some great local supportive businesses.


After some initial training we were off and running and we are now over 6 months old. We are constantly amazed by the number of first timers we get and how committed and appreciative the community is to have a free timed weekly 5km that can be as competitive or relaxed as you like.


Strangely enough, the chat over coffee at the cafe afterwards is now my favourite part of it!


That’s why we started Penticton parkrun!

Tony Buckingham

Penticton parkrun Event Director

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