News - 2nd August 2018

Wascana parkrun, Regina, launches this Saturday



Wascana parkrun is set to launch on August 4th, 2018 in Regina, Saskatchewan. This will be the first parkrun on the prairies, taking advantage of the year round sunny weather and active community in the provincial capital. 


For out-of-town parkrunners, Wascana park is within walking distance of many of Regina’s premier historical, art, and political attractions including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Legislative Building, and the MacKenzie Art Gallery. The Regina Farmers Market, operates until 1pm on Saturdays and is less than 2km away, as are multiple coffee shops, micro-breweries, and local restaurants.


Located in the heart of the city, Wascana park is a 2300-acre green space that surrounds picturesque Wascana Lake. The lake, created by damming Wascana creek in 1883, is home to 276 species of birds, 36 species of mammals, and thousands of trees, each planted by hand, some over 100 years ago.


Wascana parkrun uses the multipurpose trail surrounding the lake. The course starts on the path by the Rowing club/Willow restaurant parking lot. Participants quickly pass over a bridge separating the East and West lakes with the city skyline to their right. The course then hugs the lakeshore, passing lake islands, fountains, park monuments, and the landmark provincial Legislative Building. Runners and walkers then cross the Albert Memorial Bridge with its multiple flags and ornate Egyptian motifs before reaching the turnaround point. 


Regina has a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts, with hundreds of people taking pride in their city parks, using the trails daily for fitness, commuting, or to capture the stunning sunsets and living skies.  Craig and Karen, who met last year at a local running event, were excited at the idea of bringing parkrun to Regina. They hope to motivate and inspire people to be active, and to further build the local run community. The year round parkrun also provides a great opportunity to run during the sunny dry (and occasionally cold) winters, while practicing layering.


Craig has always loved the outdoors, but only took up running 4 years ago after a health scare left him nearly completely paralyzed. Through running, he slowly regained his physical health, at first only able to run around the block, but with persistence and time, was able to run a marathon. Craig wanted to bring parkrun to Regina, to share with others how running and being active can change a life.




Karen has been an avid runner for most of her life, participating in races on the track, road and trails. Though she has yet to take part in an event elsewhere, she was first made aware of – and intrigued by – the parkrun concept a number of years ago after seeing a friend’s photos from an Australian parkrun. She first began to explore parkrun to Regina a number of years ago, but it wasn’t until Craig re-introduced the idea that Wascana parkrun became a reality.


The team can’t wait to get parkrun underway in Regina and to see the growth as more and more Reginians take part, get outside, and enjoy the beautiful and expansive parkland in their own backyard.


Craig Herrington

Wascana parkrun Event Director

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