News - 7th November 2018

A ‘wet, but worth it’ parkrun at Duffins Trail


This is why I love parkrun. On a cold, rainy morning like today, one can expect a low turnout. After all, it will only be our 5th parkrun…


At 8:35am the volunteer quotient was sitting at 3 (myself and 2 of my children), and by 8:50am only 1 runner has shown up! Ironically, my car battery also decided to run flat, which now means I have not been able to place the turn-around sign near the halfway point yet.


At 8:55am another car arrives and 5 runners climb out! Enter the amazing Mejia family: Mom, Dad, and their 3 boys – triplets, each born one minute apart – these guys registered with parkrun this week (yes, first timers) and decided to come run despite the inclement weather. They even made a pact that the last runner would cook breakfast! Their enthusiasm alone was worth our efforts.


Ok, the run is now on. Graciously, Matt (our 1st runner on the scene) agrees to lend me his car to help jumpstart mine, and Matt also agrees to give up his personal best (Matt pretty much lands first place every week) to help orient the Mejia family on course – think lead-bike, without the bicycle.


I start the clock, the 6 runners head out, and then I proceed to start Matt’s car so that I can beat the runners to the turnaround point. I managed to pull it off, and found myself back at the start/finish with over 15 minutes to spare – ready to time & scan the finishers! By the end of the run, the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to poke through the clouds.


But even if it had not, the Mejia family’s commitment and Matt’s willingness to help all of us out was all the sunshine we needed. Yes, it was wet. But it was so worth it.


Vic – Duffins Trail parkrun


Diffins Trail parkrun 5 Diffins Trail parkrun 5

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