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Introducing: Nova Scotia’s first parkrun, Chain of Lakes


This coming Saturday, Chain of Lakes parkrun launches in Halifax and parkrun Canada will become coast-to-coast! We caught up with Event Director Jaclyn Currie, who told us more about how our newest parkrun event was formed.

Meet the team


I’m Jaclyn, a Brit who did a couple of parkruns in the UK before we moved to Canada in 2015 (before it had launched here). I am not a particularly keen runner myself, and 9am can sometimes seem a bit of a struggle, but despite this I love the ethos of parkrun and was disappointed that there wasn’t one here, as there are so many good locations!


Within our core team of volunteers, Jackie is another expat who loves to run and was involved with her local parkrun in Ireland before she relocated with her family. Sara is a keen local runner who has been instrumental in organising the best location and involving the local running community!


We got together to create the first parkrun in Nova Scotia!


Nova Scotians love to socialize and there is a keen running community. I hope that word gets out amongst the non-runners that this is a fun and non-judgy way to meet friends, be sociable and get a bit of exercise (even when it is cold outside!)


In launching this event, I LOVE that we can finally parkrun right across the country from coast to coast! I hope that other Maritimers will be inspired and we’ll see more in Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick… and Newfoundland?? Come on guys!


Chain of Lakes launches on Saturday March 16 at 9am

If you live in Halifax and want to come along, check out the event page here. Don’t forget to register for your free barcode and bring a printed copy so you can record a time for your run.


The 5km starts next to Art of Stone on the Chain of Lakes trail. Afterwards, join your new parkrun friends for a coffee in Second Cup.





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