News - 28th May 2019

Hitting 50 at Penticton

Penticton 1

Straight off the back of their 75th event celebration last week, there were more celebrations in Penticton as Suki celebrated reaching her 50th milestone. “Whether you run or walk, finish first or last – it’s about getting outside and being active in our community”


Today I did my 50th run at Penticton parkrun. I got a certificate that says “From beginners to Olympians, parkrun is for everyone”. This statement couldn’t be more true!




I completed my first parkrun shortly after Penticton parkrun began in December 2017. I slowly started bringing my family members and now it’s become part of our Saturday routine. I love the fact that it’s such a welcoming atmosphere and there are all kinds of people who show up to run. Whether you run or walk, finish first or last, or bring your dog, everyone is welcome. It’s about getting outside and being active in our community.


The other thing I love about parkrun is the new friendships I’ve made. After being a regular parkrunner for over a year now, I’ve met some really great people. We always meet for coffee after the run, so it’s a good way to get to know everyone if you have the time. I look forward to every Saturday and my kids get excited when I tell them it’s parkrun day (they’re mostly excited for a treat at the coffee shop but maybe on day they’ll be excited about running!).


I want to thank all the volunteers who make this free event happen every week and the organizers who brought this event to Penticton; you’ve become part of my Saturday routine. Now that I have reached 50 runs I need to step up my volunteer numbers! Oh and to make the day even better I got a PB!


Written by Suki

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