News - 20th June 2019

Extra parkrun on Canada Day!


Monday July 1stis Canada Day, and we invite you to do an extra parkrun with us!


Each year there are two chances to get a non-Saturday parkrun in. One of them is New Year’s Day which is generally January 1stfor most countries, and the other opportunity is a holiday which is special to the parkrun Country.  A lot of countries have their second special parkrun day on Christmas Day, and in the US they choose Thanksgiving.


Here we celebrate Canada Day in style!


Most Canadian parkruns are holding an extra event so check out this page to see if your local parkrun is participating:


The events will be at their regular time, so if it starts at 9am on the Saturday, then it’ll be at 9am on Canada Day.


We’ll see you there and remember to wear lots of red and white!!

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