News - 30th July 2019

Introducing Mundy parkrun, Coquitlam B.C.

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Joe and Debbie Mick had been running for 30+ years when they first discovered parkrun while visiting the UK; one parkrun and they were hooked! On Saturday August 3rd, their dream of bringing parkrun to their hometown of Coquitlam, B.C. becomes a reality.


Debbie and I have been running for 30+ years, individually, as a couple and with two of our three daughters. On a visit to Birkenhead, UK, to visit our youngest daughter, we came across a parkrun sign at Birkenhead Park (the oldest public park in the world). The concept of a free weekly run for the community struck a chord right away but it wasn’t until being in London for the 2018 London Marathon that I was able to run my first parkrun at Burgess Park in South London. I had an idea already that I wanted to bring parkrun to Coquitlam so I volunteered for finish token sorting after the event and asked lots of questions of the Event Director and other volunteers. I just loved the great sense of community. One parkrun and I was hooked!


Andy and Cathy Graetz are expats from South Africa. While visiting South Africa in January, they noticed a hoard of 800 runners on the beach at Port Elizabeth and wondered what was going on. They learned it was parkrun. As beginning joggers, they loved the inclusivity of the event and participated in the next six Hobie Beach parkruns in a row. When they came home, they reached out to parkrun Canada to ask what it would take to get parkrun going in the Coquitlam/Tri-Cities area. parkrun Canada connected them to me and we’re happy to have them on our team as both participants and volunteers.




The Tri-Cities, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, has a great running community. We think they will embrace parkrun. As well we expect there are people from the parkrun community that will be thrilled to have a new parkrun in our area. Most of all though, we hope to draw people out who don’t run, but are attracted to an event where all of the participants support each other whether they walk, jog, run or volunteer.


Mundy Park is a 400 acre urban forest and is the natural treasure of Coquitlam. Mundy Urban Forest supports community enjoyment of recreational activities such as walking, running, biking, dog walking, orienteering, geo-caching, and bird watching. We are very grateful to the City of Coquitlam for giving us permission to host parkrun in this beautiful setting.






Anyone who runs in Coquitlam knows you can’t run very far without encountering some hills. Our course is over two largely overlapping loops in the NW corner of the park and we have some hills. I think the hills make the course stand out. For anyone that complains about the hills, I always remind them hills make you stronger! Visitors who are accustomed to a flat course will appreciate our hills.


Joe Mick, Event Director Mundy parkrun, Coquitlam


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