News - 7th August 2019

6 million parkrunners in the world!


It’s been less than a year since we celebrated reaching the milestone of 5 million registered parkrunners in the world. Recently, our global parkrun movement hit a new high when barcode number A6000000 was issued!

The runaway success of the simple parkrun concept is evident, with regular Saturday morning events now taking place in more than 20 countries, and in a handful of countries, even 2km ‘junior parkruns’ especially for kids on Sunday mornings.

Peacehaven Junior parkrun #1 076

The goal of parkrun to provide free access to exercise for everyone continues to evolve and reach even more of society, with the opening of parkruns in British and Australian prisons – countries where parkrun has 645 and 360 events respectively!

DSCN2306 (2)

parkrun’s goal to support people to live healthier, happier lives is gaining recognition from various health and medical bodies, who are increasingly prescribing parkrun to support physical and mental health.
In Canada, where we are coming up to our 3rd anniversary, we continue to push forward, with the aim of more and more people discovering and participating in parkrun. Ultimately, we hope to establish a parkrun to serve every community!


Parkrun de Montsouris #43 - 26 Août 2017

But coming back to the incredible number of 6 millions registered parkrunners, and more specifically, this progression of +1 million runners in less than a year – over the past 9 months and 16 days, to be precise:
- That’s 3,460 registrations per day!
- That’s 144 registrations per hour!
- That’s 2.4 registrations per minute!



Thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard to put on events for all these parkrunners across the world. How long will it be before we write an article to celebrate reaching A7000000?
Based on an article by Anita Afonso (parkrun France) 

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