News - 7th August 2019

Fin’s Found His Happy Place


Hello! My name is Fin and I come from the South West of England. I’m 23, and like most 23 year olds my weekends usually involve sleeping till midday…so it’s a surprise to everyone who knows me (especially myself) that I would rather wake up at 8am on a Saturday and cycle over to Frédéric Back for a 5k parkrun.



I used to do a little bit off running…the odd run around the block when I was 17/18..but then I left home for university, and becoming a student was very much the end of my running days! Or so I thought…In 2018 I made the move to Montreal and decided I should do something about my chronic laziness. I had a few friends trying to persuade me to come to this ‘parkrun’ thing, so one sunny weekend I signed up and headed to the park.

I won’t lie, I was dreading it! I thought it would be terrible. I was really unfit,  I wasn’t even sure if  I would be able to run the whole way round and I thought everyone there was going to be super athletes who would leave me in the dust!



In reality though, parkrun is very much for everybody! There was someone there from every age and skill level..of course there were a few super athletes, but there were also a good handful of people like me, there for the first time. I just about managed to jog the whole course, even doing a little better than I was anticipating. I was tired, it was hot, and I wanted to go back to bed..but it was great! The volunteers and the runners are amazing! People who finished their run stood by the finish line cheering the finishers behind them, offering out much needed high fives as we crossed the line. Afterwards most people stayed for coffee, having a nice chat and enjoying the sunshine. It was that friendly atmosphere that got me coming back the next week..and the week after..and the week after that.

That’s it now though, I’m addicted; in the last year I’ve turned up to 20 runs, and parkrun is the highlight of my weekend! I persuaded my family back in the UK to go to their local parkrun and I think all my friends hate me because I try and drag them along every weekend.



My PB has come down from 32 minutes to 22:08. I never thought I would be able to break 25 minutes! I went from thinking I wasn’t going to be able to run the whole way round the course, to running 3 or 4 times a week. Fin from a year ago would have thought that was insane!

So thank you parkrun Frédéric Back volunteers and fellow participants; you’ve turned a lazy 22 year old into a 23 year old whose favourite pastime is running! If you want to sign up for parkrun, even if you’ve just had a tiny little quick thought about it, DO IT! I can’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t matter if you finish in 15 minutes or an hour, it’s just a great way to kick start your weekend..and maybe like me, kick start a love for running.

So, Saturday, 9:15am, Frédéric Back park. I will see you there! -Fin


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