News - 13th August 2019

Comings and goings at parkrun

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Based in a small Quebec town, Saint-Paulin parkrun has an even keener sense of community than many other parkruns. Event Director Annie tells us how pleased they are to see participants return from illness and injury after time away.


We’re lucky that our parkrun is a little different to most others. Ours is in a small town, which means our attendance is quite low. But this also means that we are a tight community where everyone knows each other, a community for everyone. As soon as someone misses parkrun 2 weeks in a row, people begin to ask if anyone knows what has happened to them, hoping that they are not unwell! We are always happy to have new people join us, and when we have tourists or visitors we do our best (with our limited English) to make them feel at home. That’s parkrun Saint-Paulin!


Talking of health, unfortunately we have some regulars who haven’t been able to take their usual place at the start line for a few months. But we know that they’ll be back! Two of these people have been out walking lately, and we’re so happy to see them again. When I’m sick or injured, it’s nice to know that there are people who are there for me – and I want them to know that I am there for them too!
I know that many of you across Canada who are reading might currently have injuries or health problems that prevent you from coming to your weekly parkrun – and I just know that your local community misses you too! Each attendee brings something special that makes them memorable. Perhaps it’s a smile that can change a person’s day; that smile will be missed by your community if you’re not there. If you can’t walk or run but you can still get out, why not go and cheer your parkrun friends as they set off? Your motivation will be welcomed,  and having people there encouraging will help the runners to try their hardest!
At parkrun, everyone is welcome, and it gives us great pleasure to see you, and to see you return, especially after a long absence! Know that when you’re not there, we miss you!
I’d also like to take the time to thank our volunteer teams across the country who do an outstanding job! Be proud of yourselves – you’re the best!
Until Saturday at 9am…
Annie Bellemare
Event Director, Saint-Paulin parkrun

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