News - 21st August 2019

Volunteering at Clover Point parkrun


Each week around eight volunteers work together with the Run Director to bring a safe and enjoyable event to Clover Point. Some volunteers have their favourite role, others like to do something different each time and others are just happy to be where they are needed most.
Being a small parkrun means that we need people to support the volunteer roster. Ideally, for every 10 events you take part in, you should volunteer for one. After volunteering for 25 different events, you are then awarded with a parkrun milestone for your contribution to parkrun and rewarded with the lovely purple t-shirt.
25 times
Outside of the Event Director Mike Angrove’s family (including Veronica Harrison) there are two people who have volunteered at over 50% of Clover Point parkruns – one of them is Joseph!
Joseph Camilleri
joseph c
Joseph has volunteered at an incredible 52 Clover Point parkrun events. He has his own section of the trail named after him – ‘Joseph’s Point’, the first marshal point on the route. Joseph brings us all wonderful photos that are shared on our social media pages and sent far and wide. Joseph volunteers as a marshal and/or photographer and sometimes runs parkrun too. He has an incredible age-graded percentage of 83.88!


Let’s hear from the man himself.
What do you most like about volunteering at Clover Point?
It motivates me to see everyone having a go, to achieve their best.
clover point 3
How does it feel when people share and like your photos?
It feels great that people appreciate my photography and I can create memorable moments for them.
clover point camera
What is so special about parkrun?
parkrun is special because it is so inclusive, whether you are an accomplished runner or a novice starting out and since walkers are also welcome it makes it that much more special.
What would you say to others thinking about volunteering for the first time?
Volunteering is about giving back to the running community and at the same time it gives you the opportunity to make new friends or if you are on the reserved side, it helps you open up and socialize in a welcoming atmosphere.
clover point volunteers

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