News - 3rd September 2019

Serendipitous Course Changes

cloverpoint parkrun

One of the great things about parkrun is that every week the course is the same. That means you get a feel for when things get tough (a hill at the third kilometre) and when you can get a break (a downhill finish). It also means, for those who want to keep track, that progress is easily measurable due to the consistency – well, other than the weather! But what happens when circumstances to cause your local parkrun course to change?

In our case at Clover Point parkrun, a new pipe is being installed along the waterfront, which means a portion of our course is now a pit! So we’ve had to eliminate our lollipop route in favour of a straight out-and-back. These temporary course detours are not uncommon: Kanata parkrun is doing a double  out-and-back during residential construction, and my friend in Boston (Event Director for Jamaica Pond parkrun) has had to completely relocate their parkrun to the Arboretum as the Jamaica Pond pathway is being reconstructed.

For us, this has created a unique scenario. I originally designed the lollipop course to eliminate potential conflicts/collisions between all users of the park. However, we haven’t had a single issue yet with the “temporary” course. Although the duck pond is now skipped, parkrunners spend more time with our ocean view. And more importantly, many of our parkrunners are loving the new course, as the out-and-back route guarantees that all of our runners/walkers get to see each other, wave, and even high five!

From the looks of the construction we still have a while before we can even consider going back to the old route, but at this point the question is: will we even go back? What started as an inconvenience has now turned into a new way to enjoy our parkrun.


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