News - 23rd November 2019

The Lethbridge Public Library parkrunners

Library runners

Lethbridge, Alberta is extremely fortunate to have an excellent public library. With superb programs and staff, the team knows a good thing when they see it…like Henderson Lake parkrun!


One of those staff members is Heather Gauthier. After hearing that a “parkrun” was starting up in Lethbridge, Heather decided to come out on a Saturday morning in April 2019 to check it out.  She did not consider herself a “runner” and definitely had some apprehension about trying a parkrun, but her adventurous spirit got the better of her.  She registered and headed down to Henderson Lake with a group of friends to see what it was all about.


Her first parkrun was a walk around the double loop course.


A couple of weeks later, having realized that the Henderson Lake parkrun participants and volunteers were a very friendly, casual and motivating group of people, she was eager to “just try to jog a bit”.  That day turned out to be a special day in Heather’s life, because she did more than “just try to jog a bit” – she jogged the entire 5km route! Heather was now a “runner” and she credits Parkrun – “a safe and comfortable place” to be the activity that was the impetus to get out, challenge herself and enjoy the camaraderie of so many other like-minded people.


Heather is now a dedicated parkrunner.  She has been a parkrun tourist on two occasions, and is happy to take on volunteer roles.  Moreover, she loves to spread the word about Parkrun to all her friends and colleagues in Lethbridge.


In particular she has recruited several colleagues from the Lethbridge Public Library.


There is Joanne Pinches, who loves the camaraderie of parkrun and the sense of accountability associated with agreeing to meet with friends at Henderson Lake each Saturday morning.  Joanne is recovering from a bicycle accident but is happy to be able to participate as a volunteer in any capacity, including tailwalking.


Another library employee is Dax Law.  He loves the sights and sounds of Henderson Lake and enjoys his weekly 5km runs with friends and coworkers.   Dax has completed 17 parkruns at Henderson Lake!


Jennifer Latham is also a library employee, and she enjoys the comfortable, casual atmosphere and the opportunity to run for “free” with a friendly group of people in a beautiful city park.


So the next time you line up at the start of the Henderson Lake parkrun take a look around for the Lethbridge Public Library crew, led by Heather Gauthier in the apricot Henderson Lake parkrun shirt!


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