News - 11th December 2019

New parkrun alert: Mendel Riverbank parkrun


parkrun Canada is wasting no time in 2020, launching our first event of the year on Saturday January 4 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Welcome to the family Mandel Riverbank parkrun! Let’s meet Alice, one of the dynamic duo behind Canada’s newest parkrun.


I’m a mum of two young runners, climbers and chatterboxes. I arrived in Saskatoon from Hertfordshire, in south east England, five years ago. I’ve been running in races since cross-country in the first year of secondary school.  It helps to keep me connected to nature and allows me a chance to think through life’s busy ways.  


My first parkrun experience was over ten years ago, when a friend took me along to Bushy Park one Saturday morning. I love the outdoors, especially in winter and hope that this event can encourage others to continue exercising outside through the coldest months. 


My co-Event Director is Amy Walker. Amy first became involved in parkrun when she lived in a town called Hartlepool, on the northeast coast of England. Since moving to Canada, Amy hopes that setting up parkrun in Saskatoon will bring many more people into an already well established running community, which is known for its friendly, welcoming, supportive members and many fun events throughout the year.





Mendel Riverbank parkrun


Saskatoon is also sometimes known as the Paris of the Prairies. Often overlooked, it is brimming with arts and culture, community and activity and places to explore. 


The course runs parallel to the South Saskatchewan River and takes in some key wildlife spots such as pelicans on the Weir in spring and Canada geese on the water all winter! Our event will be held in the City Park neighbourhood, home to the Wonderhub, Prairie Lily, Kinsmen Park and Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan theatre company.   

By Alice DeCloedt, co-Event Director Mendel Riverbank parkrun

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