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New Year’s parkrunday is longer than you think…

NYD run

New Year’s Day parkruns start anytime from 7am to 11am local time. Let’s take a trip around the world in 24 hours to see when and how 2000+ parkrun locations across 22 different countries ring in the New Year, from our perspective here in Canada.


Dec 31: 10.30am PST | 1.30pm EST

  • While some of us are still at work, it’s already tomorrow – and summer – in New Zealand, and their first parkruns are underway at 7.30am local time! Some events will have opted for this very early start time to accommodate the New Year’s Day double. On Saturdays, most NZ events start at 8am, but not all follow suit and some start an hour later, like our current Canadian events at 9am local time. The ball is rolling!


Dec 31: 1pm PST | 4pm EST

  • We see the first of the events in Australia start (including many on the Gold Coast, the site of the first Australian parkruns). Many of these runs start at 7am, and while individual parkruns have their own reasons for differing start times, the earlier start time is largely to avoid the heat. By this time, some New Zealanders will have completed 2 New Year’s Day parkruns!


Dec 31: 3pm PST | 6pm EST

  • Now we’re in Asia! There are 4 parkruns in Singapore, a real parkrun tourist’s treat if you are in town! Bishan parkrun is the first to kick off at 7am.


Dec 31: 4pm PST | 7pm EST

  • Japan is one of our newer parkrun countries, and only 1 parkrun is holding a New Year’s Day event: Japan’s first, Futakotamagawa parkrun. Even though Japan is 1 hour ahead of Singapore, their start time is 9am, so they kick off later.
  • It’s also Russia’s turn! Russian parkruns can hold their NYD events between 8.30am and 10.30am. The most Easterly parkrun in Russia is Yakutsk Dokhsun, It’s also 9am here
  • Russia spans an impressive number of timezones, so they will be going for quite some time…


Dec 31: 5pm PST | 8pm EST

  • Back in Singapore, New Year’s Day Double parkrunners will now be at West Coast Park parkrun for their 9am start
  • It’s also 9am in Malaysia (where there are 2 parkruns), but neither of them will be hosting New Year’s Day parkruns so runners here will have to wait until Saturday
  • Russia is still going…


Dec 31: 5.30pm PST | 8.30pm EST

  • Spanning 3 timezones, the last of Australia’s New Year’s parkruns will be setting off on the West Coast, at 9.30am local time
  • Russia is still going…


Dec 31: 9pm PST | Jan 1: midnight EST

  • Although some parts of Canada and the USA have only just rung in the New Year, it’s 7am in South Africa and Namibia, and the very first NYD parkruns are setting off. South African events can choose start times between 7am and 9.30am.
  • It’s also 7am in eSwatini, but Mbabane Club parkrun isn’t holding a run today
  • Russia is still going…

Dec 31: 11.30pm – Jan 1: 3am PST | Jan 1: 2.30am – 6am EST

  • It’s parkrun prime time! Across Europe, New Year’s Day parkruns have nominated start times of between 8.30am and 11am. So the events are in full swing across France, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, NorwayItaly, Ireland and the UK.
  • The most westerly events in Russia are wrapping up
  • There are no NYD parkruns in Finland
  • Budding parkrunners in The Netherlands will have to wait until later in 2020 for their country to launch - but some may have driven cross-border to neighbouring Germany to get their fix!


Jan 1: 4.30-10.30am PST | 7.30am – 1.30pm EST

  • parkrun takes a small break before crossing the Atlantic over to North America! Events in the USA and Canada can start anywhere between 7.30 and 11am
  • North America’s most Easterly parkrun, Chain of Lakes in Halifax, NS is not holding a New Year’s Day run, so the honour for the first North American parkrun of 2020 goes to Clermont Waterfront parkrun in Florida, beginning at 7.30am
  • Canada’s first events will be Whitby, River Oaks, Breakwater and Nautical in ON at 6am PST / 9am EST

Jan 1: 10.30am PST | 1.30pm EST

  • It’s a whole 24 hours since we started New Year’s Day parkruns – and it’s finally time to wrap up!
  • The last runners to cross the line on the continent and, indeed, the entire planet, will be at Richmond Olympic and Mundy parkruns (Canada) and Renton parkrun (USA). These three runs have opted for the very latest start times available, to give runners the opportunity for a “New Year’s Day Double” with neighbouring events.


What a long day it has been, with parkruns starting 24 hours apart across the planet! Wherever you ran, and whichever language you speak, we wish you a very happy, parkrun-filled 2020.


As we’ve learned today – the simple combination of a 5k course, a free event and a great team of volunteers resonates with runners and walkers the world over.


Happy parkrunning, into 2020 and beyond!


By Becky Maybury, parkrun Canada Social Media + Comms
Modified from a previous article by Euan Bowman

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