News - 4th March 2020

Extreme volunteering


Have you ever heard of “Extreme Volunteering”? Neither had we until Annie Bellemare and Laura Cornelissen came onto our radar. Both of these awesome women have taken their parkrun volunteering roles way beyond Saturday morning. You won’t believe where they have volunteered…!


First up is Annie Bellemare, Quebec Ambassador and French Translation Ambassador here in Canada. Annie translates many articles and other posts into French for our Social Media channels.


In January, Annie took a step back from translating to prepare for the arrival of her second child, Elliot. However, this didn’t stop her from responding to a translation request from her hospital bed, minutes after giving birth after 26-hour labour!




Annie joked about wearing her high-vis at the time…but her husband Nic was actually wearing his volunteer milestone t-shirt while supporting Annie through the birth!


3. Extreme volunteering - Nic


No sooner had we heard about Annie volunteering during childbirth, another wonderwoman popped up – Laura Cornelissen, a parkrun USA Ambassador.



In another act of extreme volunteering, Laura submitted the paperwork to launch the upcoming Danehy Park parkrun in Cambridge, MA during early contractions. Little Lachlan was born around 12 hours later!



Laura says “although I missed parkrun the following day, I have been able to make appearances with baby Lachlan every week since!” Lachlan will likely attend Danehy Park parkrun’s inaugural event on March 21; as well as his Mom being the Ambassador, his Dad Drew is one of the Event Directors!



We’re in awe of these multi-tasking “Extreme Volunteers” – and wish both families huge congratulations on the arrival of their two new mini-parkrunners!


By Becky Maybury, parkrun Canada

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