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Tributes and Lost Tokens


It’s been a busy few weeks with parkrun in Canada and across the globe.  New Zealand restarted, (not)parkrun is keeping people connected and active, and while no Canadian events are active yet, some are keeping themselves amused!




Getting out to record your own 5k anywhere and representing your home parkrun is a great way to keep fit and stay connected to your community.  Globally, we have around 5,000 runs recorded and we love to see almost all of our Canadian parkruns represented!


You can submit a time here, and view the results here.


Most excitingly is that we have seen a remarkable number of people recording (not)parkruns who have yet to do a parkrun.  We can’t wait to welcome them when we resume!


New Zealand


Parkrun has been enjoying it’s return down under, and attendances have been close to normal for a New Zealand Winter.  We wait patiently for the opportunity in Canada, but you have to feel for the Australians who feel they so close yet so far.  This led to the Australian parkrun twitter account lobbying the two governments to reconsider borders:


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 15.13.28


For the latest and most up to date news on the Covid situation here in Canada, we publish a statement every Tuesday, which can be found in this blog and on the newsletter.





Surprisingly July sees only two anniversaries, so a big Happy Birthday to:


20th July – Snye Point parkrun, Fort McMurray – 1st

27th July – Central parkrun, Burnaby – 1st



Event News


In other event news, River Valley parkrun, Edmonton, found their token 24, which was apparently hibernating under a car floor mat.  That sounds like a good tip to other events, or to anybody who has stuff gone missing.


Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 15.57.34


And finally Victoria parkrun, Kitchener, has been posting some fantastic no-parkrun news’.  This week features tributes to volunteers.

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COVID-19 Framework

Earlier this week we announced we had completed our COVID-19 Framework, describing how events will operate in countries where an underlying level of community infection still remains.   We’d also like to stress that as part of our strategy to return we took the decision to separate defining the way events should be reopened, from…


Avery Beach, tout simplement phénoménale

Je ne cours pas vraiment. J’ai essayé de m’y intéresser pendant plusieurs années, mais je n’y arrive tout simplement pas. Mais j’aime vraiment faire du bénévolat pour des événements sportifs. Je me considère plutôt  « athlétique par proximité ». Le simple fait de me trouver dans un milieu énergique, motivant et excitant, est plutôt contagieux…