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Its our 4th birthday


This weekend we celebrate the 4th anniversary of parkrun in Canada.  It was the 3rd week in August in 2016 we launched our program with two events.  Firstly with Okanagan parkrun, and then Nose Hill two weeks later.  This week we take a look at a couple of the first few stories we featured on our blog.


We’ve met a lot of friends and enjoyed the stories in that time.  Looking back who remembers Fast Eddy?




Eddy ran solo across Canada and back amounting to 21,585km.  On his journey he stopped by at Okanagan in October 2016 on his way to completing the epic journey later that month in Victoria.


Around the same time, the team behind Richmond Olympic parkrun was setting the stage for its first event.  Excitement was palpable so much that we had one visitor ‘devastated’ to miss the launch by only a few days.





Chris was in Vancouver on business and normally parkruns in South Africa.  Richmond Olympic ED Becky jumped at the chance to show Chris the course for a special preview and was impressed with the stories from South Africa, particularly with the size of the events!  At the time, his home parkrun in Stellenbosch enjoyed attendances of over 1000 weekly.  That Saturday, Becky sighed in relief as the event clocked an inaugural attendance of 36.


Chris has since gone on to bring his total to 277 parkruns.  Sadly he has yet to complete a Canadian parkrun.




Saint-Paulin parkrun was our fourth parkrun to get going, and it was in the deep chill of January 2017.  Event Directors Annie and Nic were delighted to host this new event in their town of population 1,500 and were thrilled to host a small delegation from Montreal.


Exciting for a few reasons, this launch further showed that we could manage the Canadian Winter (Rural Quebec in January can be tough!), and also it was our first French speaking event.


The event was embraced by the town seeing upwards of 90 people on the practice events.  The first event saw 62 people take part. Since then, the event has been a staple of exercise in Saint-Paulin.  EDs Annie and Nic have also welcomed two future volunteers!



Why not get outside this weekend for an anniversary (not) parkrun? We’d love to hear how it went on our social media channels.  We look forward to celebrating more anniversaries, and hopefully in person next time!

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