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Keeping the connection with parkrun


During the early days of COVID, my job working for our municipal government changed from work in recreation and culture to supporting social service agencies responding to COVID. With all facilities shut down in recreation and culture, I had the time to throw all of my energy into doing what I could to make sure that the most vulnerable were having their needs met, and also that the whole community would be aware of all of the supports that were there for them – from mental health to financial, from parenting support to caring for your pet when income was gone.


I realized very quickly that these agencies were not only facing a situation that was beyond comprehension prior to COVID happening, but that many were losing volunteers and donations. Understandably, our world relies on many retired people to volunteer their time but when they are suddenly the high risk group for a virus, agencies everywhere start to struggle with the loss of important human resources.


While I didn’t have the time to volunteer more than I already was, I did realize I could help financially. I was fortunate to still be working so my income had not changed. I spent the first 6 weeks of COVID so busy that I didn’t run, bike, or do any of my usual training. So in May I started to sign up for a virtual run each week, where the funds would go to a charity, and the hope was that that would motivate me to get my running shoes back on.


At some point in June I was trying to catch up on personal email and I read about (not)parkrun and I was excited to see that I could still be a part of parkrun by using my virtual runs not only as a motivator for me, and supporting charities, but to keep the connection with parkrun. I was also excited as I am an evening runner so (not)parkrun has been a wonderful opportunity to increase my participation with parkrun.


With that being said, I am very excited for parkrun to start up in person again. While I still may choose to sleep in and continue to support charities through virtual runs, I know I’ll be making the effort to get out to the Saturday morning parkruns because there is no run as great as when it involves other people and the energy and community that brings.


Lori Harasam

Henderson Lake parkrunner

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