News - 7th October 2020

Meadowvale at 99


When parkrun suspended activites in Canada, the Meadowvale location had just completed it’s 99th event, and there were celebration plans in place for the 100th event which would actually take place on the 2nd anniversary of Meadowvale parkrun.


We will just have to wait a bit longer for our 100th event to go ahead. In the meantime I though it was important to keep the local community engaged via social media, and so regular posts have taken place.


The first several weeks were spent highlighting previous events and getting people to guess when it took place after looking at the posted photos.


While out running by myself I saw that people had started to paint small rocks in various colours, patterns and with messages of hope.  They had formed a small area that other people added to. I decided to try something similar for Meadowvale.


I painted the first rock and placed it outside the storage bunker that has been kindly provided by the City of Mississauga from day 1 to keep all our supplies in.


A Facebook picture was then posted with a challenge for other people to paint the rest of the letters and add to the collection. A few people took to the task and actually had a small painting party. Less than 2 weeks after the first rock was painted, the entire phrase was finished and a couple of extra ones were done with the parkrun logo on them.


For a while Meadowvale parkrun was the nearest location to downtown Toronto and with just 1 bus ride was easily accessible from the main bus terminal.  With an arrival time of 8:40am  the closest bus stop was just a couple of minutes from our start line, it was perfect timing.  We returned  to social media postings on Facebook lately however, this time a request went out to all the tourists (especially overseas) who have visited us.  We asked for any tourists to post a picture of themselves at Meadowvale along with their memories.


It was very gratifying to hear all the kind words and see the photos that have been posted.


Lawrence Jeffery

Meadowvale parkrun Event Director

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