News - 10th February 2021

Saucony: Why the Canyon TR will be your new go-to


Many of us commute via foot to our favorite local trails. We ask ourselves the same question: Should I wear my road shoes to get to the trail and continue my off-road run, or should I wear my trail shoes on the road and sacrifice the comfort?


The solution comes to us in a “crossover” model. The Saucony Canyon TR is designed as a high-performance trail shoe that also performs well on pavement due to its strategically placed low-profile lugs. The PWRRUN cushioning and 8mm offset make this an ideal model for all kinds of terrain.


CanyonTRg (1)


I gave this well-equipped crossover shoe a recent test, running from my home to nearby trails. Running on the road, you would never think you were in a trail-designed shoe. Once I hit the soft gravel the trail experience set in. The traction was excellent and the 8mm offset felt wonderful.


I set off onto the rocky, hilly single track and was very impressed with the ride on both the uphill and downhill. The outsole had plenty of grip and bite on the muddy, wet areas and the sleek mesh upper gave me confidence and protection as I slid/jogged down a steep, scree-filled hill.


The Canyon TR performed as I would expect a trail shoe to perform.  As I descended the trails for the road trip home, I felt as though I had switched shoes. The road experience was one of responsive cushioning and high-mileage comfort.




As road runners and walkers explore trails, hills and gnarly terrain, there is always the skepticism of what kind of shoe to wear. Depending upon the nature of the terrain, the profile and outsole play a key role in the shoe’s performance as well as the enjoyment of the run. Nothing feels worse than being active on the roads in a stiff hard shoe. Likewise, sure-footedness over the trail is never guaranteed in a road shoe.


Hence, the Canyon TR has it all!


Get out there, enjoy, explore and feel secure whether going from road to trail or trail to road.


Marcy Schwam

Saucony Ambassador, Ultrarunning pioneer, and five-time World Champion


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