News - 17th June 2021

Restarting parkrun in Canada


There have been some positive developments across Canada over the past month that we hope will help towards a return of parkrun events.


Most provinces have published positive looking roadmaps towards relaxing restrictions. For example, British Columbia is in Step Two, which allows for organized outdoor gatherings of up to 50. There is also the opportunity of moving into Step Three at the start of July, which might allow a window for parkrun events to resume. However, we understand that is not guaranteed and nor is the date.


In Ontario, the province has laid out a plan pegged to vaccination rates, with a minimum set amount of time required between steps.


Other provinces have provided similar structures.


The progress over the past month has been encouraging and while today we can’t identify a date or opportunity to return, this may change very quickly.


Based on the direction that the provinces have given us, we are inviting events to gather the necessary permissions and documents should they identify an opportunity in their province and area to return. This will then be discussed with us and if the opportunity is feasible, we will schedule a date for return for that event, without having to wait on other events.


Therefore, we expect some events to restart before others do, so there may be some disappointment mixed in with the excitement. Please be patient with the events that are unable to re-open. If there is an opportunity for you to help, they will reach out.


We remain hopeful that cases and hospitalizations continue to drop and that the provincial and federal governments feel comfortable in removing restrictions.


These are exciting times and I hope we are able to parkrun together very soon.
Euan Bowman

North American Territory Manager

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