News - 8th July 2021

Canada Coronavirus Update – 8th July 2020


 There continues to be significant progress across the country with provinces and local authorities loosening restrictions in a way that allows parkrun events to relaunch.


In our last COVID-19 update, we announced that we invited event teams to send us their updated landowner permission in preparation to relaunch if their provincial and local authorities allowed for a restart.


Some provinces have relaxed restrictions more than others, so not all events have the opportunity to return immediately.  There is no requirement that events need to wait for others to re-open in their province or across Canada at the same time. They can re-open when ready.


As provinces have announced re-opening plans, cities, park boards and other administrative bodies have been inundated with event applications so obtaining permissions may take longer than normally expected.


We expect the first events to return on July 24th, but this will be a very small number.  We expect more events to return as the weeks go by.


Please check with your local event that they are open prior to making the journey on Saturday morning, and be patient with those events that are not yet able to return.

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