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Relaunch Update


We have some parkrun events already return in the past few weeks as restrictions have been loosening across the country. More are to follow in the coming weeks.


Already returned are Henderson Lake parkrun, Saint-Paulin parkrun, Strathcona Island parkrun, and Okanagan parkrun.  (edit 12th August – Okanagan parkrun has since paused due to local restrictions)


Many factors can determine if a parkrun can restart or not, as conditions which health authorities base their decisions on can fluctuate.  We also have to make sure our events re-open responsibility and where appropriate.  We have the following scheduled for the remainder of August, but do note that these can change and you should check the news page and social media of your local event to make sure:


August 7th



Snye Point

Trout Pond


August 14th

Barton Trail

Mendel Riverbank

North Bay


Richmond Olympic

River Oaks

Victoria, Kitchener


August 21st





If you don’t see your event then please be patient with them as they work towards a restart, and also please recognise that some events may need to cancel in future.  Our volunteer driven event teams are often in constant dialogue with their landowner and conditions to return can be out of their control.  Not all provinces have relaxed restrictions enough to allow for a restart of some parkrun events too, so we must wait until events are legal in those places.


In the meantime we are really happy to see the return of so many events, and the launch of Barton Trail parkrun in August.

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