News - 18th August 2021

Happy 5th Anniversary, to us!


We are 5!  parkrun launched in Canada August 2016 and we’ve been on quite a journey since then. We’ve made so many new friends and heard so many stories and we’re glad you have been able to join us. To mark the occasion, here are 5 things that you may have not known about parkrun Canada:


We’ve had 21,471 volunteer roles filled and 90,686 participations


That’s incredible! that’s 21,471 thank yous, and 90,686 congratulations. We’re so happy that so many people have been able to help out and take part in our events. With numbers like that, we need to calculate the obligatory number of times around the Earth we’ve collectively ran. The answer: 11!




The Greater Toronto Area and surrounding area have become a hive of parkrun activity


Ontario has embraced the parkrun concept, and in and around Toronto we have seen so many events pop up!  You can check out our events page to find out where, either to check out your local, one nearby you haven’t visited yet, or plan a future vacation!




Canada is beautiful!


Well, we all knew this one but we love a reminder! Our parkruns are located across the breadth of the country and we love to see and share the incredible diversity of landscapes at our events. Nose Hill parkrun is located on a plateau that rise above the city of Calgary which lends itself to some incredible photos. Some contain ‘Sun Dogs’ which many of us never knew were a thing before!




parkrun tourism is a great way to meet other Canadians


Go to any parkrun and you’ll meet many Canadians, and also so many tourists!  From Richmond Olympic to Bellevue parkrun you’ll have the chance to meet the locals and those who have travelled far. The stories that you can learn from meeting others at an event are worth the visit!




Running in Canada is an all seasons sport!


Canadian winters can be tough sometimes, but we have shown we can still get out there and get our weekly 5km in!  It takes a bit of adjusting like dressing for the conditions and a proper warm up, but we’re going to enter our 6th winter and show that it can be done!




How will you celebrate?  Are you able to visit your local parkrun, or will be you be (not)parkrunning?


COVID of course has given all of our events some challenges, and we’re working hard with events to open as many events as is safely possible. We’re sad that Okanagan parkrun couldn’t celebrate the 5th anniversary in person this Saturday. We hope that the regional restriction in Central Okanagan will be over quickly and we can resume events there.



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How to volunteer at parkrun

parkruns are community events delivered every weekend by volunteers. Anyone and everyone can be a volunteer. You need no prior experience and you can volunteer regularly, or just once in a while.   All the roles are explained to you on the day, it’s super easy, fun and rewarding. Plus you get to feel a part…

Moussette2021-09-21 at 15.02.48 2

Un nouveau parkrun … à Gatineau, Québec!

Depuis le 4 septembre 2021, la ville de Gatineau s’est joint à la grande famille parkrun au Canada et dans le monde. Le parkrun Moussette est né. La ville de Gatineau, quatrième plus grande ville dans la province de Québec, est située au nord de la rivière des Outaouais, à distance de marche du centre-ville…