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Canada Coronavirus update 12th November


In October we were able to relaunch more events, bringing us to having 3 out of every 4 Canadian parkruns currently open.


In addition to our returning events, we were delighted to see the Noel Booth Community parkrun.


We continue to work with events and cities to re-open the remaining events.


There are many factors that can pose as an obstacle to a parkrun restarting. We are working hard with the remaining teams and cities to restart as many as safely and appropriately as we can. We respect the conditions which local health authorities advise and understand that the factors that they base their decisions on can fluctuate.  Currently we are unable to operate where events are required to check vaccine passports before the event happens.  This currently affects events in Nova Scotia, and some in Quebec.  We await a relaxation of restrictions in these areas before we can allow parkrun events to continue there.


We have the following scheduled up to the end of November, but do note that these can change and you should check the news page and social media of your local event to make sure:


November 20th

Kiwanis parkrun

November 27th
Penticton parkrun


If your event hasn’t restarted then please be patient with them as they work towards a restart as it is most likely to be outside of their control.  Please also recognise that some events may need to cancel in future.  Our volunteer driven event teams are often in constant dialogue with their landowner and conditions to return can be out of their control.  Not all provinces have relaxed enough restrictions to allow for a restart of some parkrun events too, so we must wait until events are legal in those places.

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