News - 17th May 2023

parkrun made it all easy

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Rahema Mamodo started parkrunning after completing a 5k starter programme. She’s enjoyed the support and inclusivity of the parkrun community, which has led her to join a running club and enter long distance races.


I was recommended to try parkrun by the leader of my 5k group. I registered and went along to my local event in Solihull, not really knowing what to expect.


My first parkrun experience was really good, I did feel quite overwhelmed and nervous as this was going to be my first time completing a 5k and there were other parkrunners that I’d be sharing the start line with!


I started off towards the back of the pack, near the tail end and I had a great time. There was a lot of encouragement and support from fellow parkrunners who had finished ahead of me as well as from the marshals around the course.


Everyone was so welcoming and friendly that when I got back home, I decided to enter my very first race!


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That very positive first parkrun experience has led me to return to parkrun again and again to either participate in the 5k or volunteer each week and I’ve been encouraging my friends to come along and join me.


As a Muslim woman, I’ve had a really positive experience at all parkruns I’ve attended. Everyone is made welcome regardless of who you are. Even when I am not running, for example when fasting during Ramadan, I can still easily volunteer and feel part of the community.


parkrun has become a regular habit now. I look forward to it every week and try my best not to miss a Saturday! I’ve made a whole new group of friends and feel very much part of the community.


It was just the spur I needed after the 5k programme to keep me running, parkrun made it so easy. As well as entering longer distance races, I have also joined a local running club.


Now, I’ve become a Brooks Run Happy Team member, I’m also loving the opportunity to help out Brooks with their parkrun Happy Tour.


After completing 34 different parkrun events, I have always had a warm welcome and found them all to be really inclusive. One of the most memorable parkruns I’ve completed is the Woolacombe Dunes event with its course across the sand dunes. It has to be one of the toughest parkrun courses I’ve tried and one of the most unique, but I loved the challenge and need to go back to try it again when the weather is warmer!


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I enjoy volunteering as much as parkrunning or parkwalking. I have volunteered in quite a few different roles but there are still a few that I haven’t tried yet and I want to give these a go in the future.


I really try to advise other Muslim women to just give it a go and have a look at your local parkrun, be brave enough to make that start and join in. Even though it is called parkrun, it is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to walk the whole course if you prefer. You could also consider volunteering instead since there are a variety of roles available with full training provided.


I’d recommend parkrun to everyone. However you choose to take part, you will feel part of the parkrun community right away!


Rahema Mamodo



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