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Canadian celebrity at Whitby

One of the wonderful things about parkrun is that you never know who you are going to meet at your local parkrun.   parkrun is fantastic for meeting people you wouldn’t normally cross paths with. Be it someone in a different industry to you, different area of town, completely different hobbies, and now with international…

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Une célébrité qui fréquent Whitby

Une des choses qui rendent parkrun très spécial c’est que vous ne savez jamais qui vous allez rencontrer. parkrun est fantastique pour rencontrer des gens avec lesquels vous ne vous rencontreriez normalement pas. Vous allez rencontrer des gens des milieux professionnel différents, des quartiers de la ville variés, qui aiment des passe-temps complètement différents, et…

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parkrun Life

My name is Paulene, but just last year I used to call myself the ‘Anti parkrun Girl’. I’d been doing 5kms walks a few times a week for months in my quest to improve my fitness and lose weight. I’d always had this obsession with runners and a dream of what it must feel like…

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parkrun River Oaks, Oakville commence ce samedi

parkrun est en poussée de croissance au Canada et le nouveau parkrun de River Oaks sera le seizième au Canada et le quatrième dans la région de Toronto. C’est peu surprenant que parkrun soit en expansion aussi rapidement dans cette région, parce qu’après tout, parkrun est un si beau concept pour les communautés autour pour…

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Victoria parkrun, Kitchener, launch round-up

This week we have a fantastic new parkrun starting in Oakville, but before then let’s recap last week’s launch Victoria parkrun, Kitchener.  Event Directors Julia and Johnathan were delighted to be joined by tourists, locals and first-time pioneers alike.   At the launch there were local Kitchener and Waterloo residents, and tourists from around the…

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Running Hamburgers

Mitch and his father never consider themselves runners, until they discovered parkrun. That lead them all the way to Hamburg to achieve something that niether thought would be possible.   Wind back to October 2015 and I would loudly and proudly announce my disgust for organised running. There was nothing worse I could think of…

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River Oaks parkrun, Oakville launches Saturday

parkrun is rapidly expanding across Canada and the new River Oaks will be the sixteenth in Canada and the fourth in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  It is hardly surprising that parkrun is expanding so quickly in areas like the GTA, after all parkrun is such a great concept for communities to embrace, but also the…

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Les statistiques démographiques de parkrun

Nous ne savons jamais d’un parkrun à l’autre qui viendra. Nous avons toujours nos réguliers, en incluant nos chiens parkrun, et maintenant que le beau temps y est, nous commençons à avoir nos touristes de parkrun. Le mois dernier, nous avons eu le club de triathlon de Bytown qui est venu en grand nombre qui…

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The Demographics of parkrun

We never know from one parkrun to the next who will come out.  We always have our regulars, including our parkrun pups, and now that the nicer weather is here, we’re starting to get our parkrun tourists. Last month we had the Bytown Triathlon Club show up en masse and swelled our junior numbers.  In fact, they comprised…

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Our best photos of the week

The recent release of Club T-Shirts are trickling their way into Canada and making their way into our best photos of the week.  Another fantastic week with great turnouts across the country.   Okanagan parkrun         Whitby parkrun             Nose Hill parkrun            …

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