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Canada Coronavirus update 12th November

In October we were able to relaunch more events, bringing us to having 3 out of every 4 Canadian parkruns currently open.   In addition to our returning events, we were delighted to see the Noel Booth Community parkrun.   We continue to work with events and cities to re-open the remaining events.   There are many…

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Uxbridge welcomes Barton Trail parkrun!

It’s incredible how one chance encounter decades ago can lead to a parkrun event which benefits the local community in so many ways.  Barton Trail parkrun was built from one such meeting and has already led to hundreds of finishers.   Susan Stone was an invited to run in the ‘Run Barbados 10K’ in 1988 where she met…

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10 years of parkrun Poland

The first parkrun in Poland took place on 15 October 2011.   As the country celebrates its ten year parkrun anniversary, Poland’s Country Manager Jakub Fedorowicz takes us for a look back at some special moments.   Back in the autumn of 2011, when five participants arrived at the very first Polish location, parkrun Gdynia, no…

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17 years of parkrun

On Saturday 2 October 2004, 13 runners and five volunteers turned up to Bushy Park in Teddington, London, for a free, timed, 5k run, known then as the Bushy Park Time Trial. Little did they know what they had started.   Paul and Joanne Sinton-Hewitt, Duncan Gaskell, Simon Hedger and Robin Drummond made up the…

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Mise à jour sur le Coronavirus Canadien – 6 octobre 2021

Plus d’événements sont maintenant redémarrés et près de la moitié sont cédulés ou en préparation pour effectuer un retour dans les prochaines semaines.    En plus de nos événements de retour, nous étions heureux de voir le début du parkrun Moussette à Gatineau (Québec) et du parkrun du New York Central Fitness Trail à Russell…

Eramose River Trail2021-09-28 at 12.49.00
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Canada Coronavirus Update 6th October

We continue to work with event teams and cities to bring back more Canadian parkrun events.   In addition to our returning events, we were delighted to see the launch of Moussette parkrun in Gatineau (Quebec) and New York Central Fitness Trail parkrun in Russell (Ontario).   We still await for opportunities in Nova Scotia where restrictions…

Moussette2021-09-21 at 15.02.48 2
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Un nouveau parkrun … à Gatineau, Québec!

Depuis le 4 septembre 2021, la ville de Gatineau s’est joint à la grande famille parkrun au Canada et dans le monde. Le parkrun Moussette est né. La ville de Gatineau, quatrième plus grande ville dans la province de Québec, est située au nord de la rivière des Outaouais, à distance de marche du centre-ville…

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Island parkruns you must sea!

Have you ever been to a parkrun on an island?  It can be a very different experience.  Surrounded by water it can offer a tranquil experience where you can get closer to nature.  Sometimes they are completely traffic free so once you cross the bridge (or get off the ferry!) you can get that car-free…

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Update on changes to milestone t-shirts

Earlier this year we announced some changes to the milestone t-shirts that recognise and reward individual participation at parkrun.   As we prepare to implement the new process, here’s the latest information.   Back in March 2021 we let you know about changes we are making to milestone t-shirts.   We had initially hoped that…

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Hope and optimism

Serious health issues saw Chris Smith admitted to hospital in 2020, and then facing a long road to recovery.   He wrote himself a motivational note that simply read ‘parkrun’. Here’s his story of how that note inspired him to keep going in the face of adversity.   In all my years of running I…

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