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Confidence with parkrun

Lidia Setiawan is one of a growing number of people from the Deaf community who regularly take part in parkrun.   I am 47 and I began my parkrun journey in 2016. I was inspired to go along by my friends posting about their weekly parkrun activity on social media and my husband, Ian, encouraged…

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Saucony: I want to run … but I don’t like running.

Talk to any relationship counselor and they might say something like, “Love takes effort.” Well, when it comes to your relationship with running, I might say that a truer phrase has never been spoken.   It seems to be the case that most people either love or hate to run — there isn’t much middle…

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Don’t Fear the Forecast this Winter

Saucony: Lacing up and heading out the door to bitter, chilling winds during those dark winter days isn’t always the most appealing. But we’re runners, so skipping on our miles for winter’s entirety just isn’t an option. That’s why we’ve created weatherproof gear that’ll not only keep you cozy and warm, but also offer unbeatable protection against…

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Mise à jour COVID-19 (Coronavirus): 19 janvier

Samedi, nous avons accueilli le retour des événements parkrun à travers l’état australien de Victoria, dans une merveilleuse célébration de tout ce que nous aimons dans le parkrun. En 2020, les habitants de cet État ont connu un long et incroyablement restrictif confinement, qui a dû être doublement difficile à cause de la réouverture d’autres…

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Why I Run Before The Sun Comes Up

With winter in full swing, the opportunity to hit the pavement during the short window of daylight can sometimes seem near impossible. With an energetic toddler, household to keep afloat and job that is no longer constrained by the hours of 9-5 (come on, you know what I mean!), being active in the a.m. can be the difference between…

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Translation ambassador opportunities

As parkrun continues to grow around the world, we are committed to breaking down barriers to participation in regular physical activity and bringing communities together.   Communication plays a vital part in what we do, and we are looking to expand our range of non-English language content. To help us do so, we have created the voluntary…

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parkrunning from Canada to Russia

In 2007-2008 Jennifer Laughton flew halfway around the world at the age of 17 to do a Rotary Youth Exchange program in Siberia, Russia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Ten years later, when she went back to visit my host family and friends she was delighted to find out that Krasnoyarsk had parkrun! It just…

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Mise à jour relative au COVID-19 (Coronavirus) : 29 septembre

Ce weekend on a célébré le retour du parkrun dans la plupart des régions de Nouvelle-Zélande. Avec des événements dans le Territoire du Nord de l’Australie et un dans les îles Falkland, on a compté plus de 2700 personnes qui ont marché, couru, couru et fait du bénévolat dans 27 événements parkrun différents. La première…

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Garder la connexion avec parkrun

Au début de la pandémie, mon travail au sein de notre gouvernement municipal est passé du travail dans le domaine des loisirs et de la culture au soutien des agences de services sociaux répondant au COVID. Avec toutes les centres de loisirs et de culture fermées, j’ai eu le temps de consacrer toute mon énergie…

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Keeping the connection with parkrun

During the early days of COVID, my job working for our municipal government changed from work in recreation and culture to supporting social service agencies responding to COVID. With all facilities shut down in recreation and culture, I had the time to throw all of my energy into doing what I could to make sure…

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