Actus - 13th février 2020

Photo round-up from parkrun France, 8th February 2020

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Welcome to the photo round-up from parkrun France this week. We had over 300 walkers, joggers, walkers and volunteers this week, and we also reached over 6000 registered parkrunners in France, another small milestone!
Here are some photos from our events around the country.

Highest turnout of the day was at parkrun Bois du Boulogne, with 62 people completing the course this week.
lac de divonne 2

lac de divonne
Beautiful blue skies greeting the parkrunners at parkrun du Lac de Divonne
Des dougnes
Before the start of this week’s parkrun Des Dougnes
Good morning from parkrun de Fontainebleau
Chateau 2

Chateau 1
Runners and walkers out on the course at parkrun parkrun du Chateau de Pierre-de-Bresse
Gathering for the weekly photo at parkrun de Montsouris
La ramee 2

La ramee 1
And finally to parkrun de la Ramée, with a view out over the lake in the early morning, and gathering before the start

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Tour d’horizon de parkrun France, 22 février 2020

  parkrun du Bois de Boulogne   parkrun du Chateau de Pierre-de-Bresse   parkrun de Fontainebleau   parkrun de la Ramée   parkrun du Lac de Divonne   parkrun de Montsouris

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parkrun Statistiques

Le week-end dernier à parkrun en France, il y avait: 8 événements! 295 participants! 39 bénévoles fantastiques! 40 MPs brillants! 30 débutants merveilleux!