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Three tips for maintaining motivation

Have you ever heard of ‘Blue Monday’?! It tends to rear its head after about three weeks of trying to change our lifestyle habits, or do something a little bit different. We’ve got some handy advice to keep you on track, and help you celebrate your success so far.   It’s that time when your…

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 19 January

On Saturday we welcomed parkrun events back across the Australian state of Victoria, in a wonderful celebration of all that we love about parkrun. In 2020 people there experienced a long and incredibly restrictive lockdown, which must have been doubly challenging as other Australian states reopened and returned to normal life.   Throughout those incredibly…

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A part of something special

Rob Partridge embarked on a couch to 5km programme that would go on to change his life forever. Here he tells us how his determination led him on the path to parkrun.   January 2014. I weighed twenty stone and was depressed by how unhealthy I was.  A few months earlier I had joined a…

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Finding motivation

Killian Byrne, parkrun Ireland Board Trustee and former Operation Transformation Leader, shares his tips on finding motivation for your #parkrunresolution.   2020, what a year we’ve had! I don’t think I’d be alone when I say that I’m glad we have a new year ahead of us – 365 days full of opportunity.   Personally I’ve…

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Taking small steps forward

It’s week two of The parkrun Resolution and it’s all about taking small steps forward. We’re here for you. Read on for this week’s top tips and don’t forget to celebrate what you’ve done so far.   Often the hardest thing to do is start: to start something new, make a change, do something differently….

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 12 January

This Saturday, parkrun events in Victoria, Australia, will return, and next Saturday we are reopening another nine Russian events, of which four are completely new, taking us to 23 live events there.   Whilst these are relatively small steps, each step is a positive move forward. However, following on from last week’s update, we remain…

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Get your new year underway with Vhi (not)parkrun rewards!

Are you getting the New Year underway with (not)parkrun? We know that current lockdown that we are living in is a tough start to the New Year, and we all have a large parkrun shaped hole in our lives!   If you are taking part in (not)parkrun as part of your 2021 goals, don’t forget…

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Hope to see you there

Fiona O’Connor was never the ‘sporty type’ but a local running club, and the Tralee parkrun community, soon changed that misconception. Here’s her journey.   My love of running began in 2017, I joined my local running group, Born to Run in Tralee, and started off with their couch to 5k programme.   I would…

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People of (not)parkrun brought to you by Vhi

Name: Dale Kirwan Age: 47 Occupation: Waste Management Supervisor   Local parkrun: Wexford Racecourse parkrun Number of parkruns completed: 75   How did you first get involved in parkrun? I’m an ex-smoker and my sister in law who had taken part in parkrun asked me to go along with in her, so I did and…

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The gift of helping others

parkrun Ireland Country Manager Matt Shields tells us how your #parkrunresolution can be the gift of helping others.   I began running at 11 years old when I went to secondary school. Being small in height, and lacking the ball handling skills for other school sports it was great to find an activity in which…