News - 5th July 2017

Dogs of parkrun brought to you by Vhi

Vhi Cani

Name: Dyson
Age: 4
Owner’s name: Louise Jones
Local parkrun: Griffeen
Tell us about yourself: I am a Northern Inuit. I am a working dryland sled dog and I compete in doggie sports of canicross, bikejoring and scootering with mum, although now it’s off season, so it’s just jogging with mum until it starts to get colder and the new season begins. We came second in female bikejoring last season and were first in our age category with our sled dog sports club Canicross Ireland, which we were both delighted with, especially mum! I have represented Ireland twice in the European Canicross Championships and am looking forward to going again this October. This will be our first year to compete in canicross and not bike, so mum is training hard to be able to keep up with me! We’ve taken part in lots of runs this year, including the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and I loved all the attention I got from people.
How often do you go to parkrun: We go to parkrun most weekends, although sometimes mum is at work so we can’t go. Other times, we may have a race somewhere else or mum is making me rest because I have a sled dog race the following day (she usually takes my sister to parkrun then…. I have two sisters and one brother and we all love to run!). We’ve even done some ‘parkrun tourism’ as mum calls it and gone to a few other places too.
What is your favourite place to walk, jog or run? Because we compete in lots of different events we get to run in lots of different places. My favourite place to run are forest trails with lots of hills, although mum might disagree with the hills. She only has two little legs and I have four big legs, so hills are much easier for me!
What was the funniest parkrun moment? Our parkrun is very dog friendly and everyone knows me by name at this stage…Mum says they ask for me when I’m not there. A little while ago, I completed my 10th parkrun and it was announced to everyone at the parkrun, who clapped and cheered for me! I even got a photo of me with the ’10 parkrun’ sign.
What advice would you give to dog lovers who have never been to parkrun before? Give it a try! Most parkruns are very dog friendly and I love seeing new dogs at my parkrun. Mum wears a canicross belt with a stretchy lead and I have a sled dog harness so I know when I get that on, it’s time to focus and work! People laugh when they hear mum telling me ‘left’ or ‘right’ and I go the right way!
Has you ever embarrassed Louise?! Well, it wasn’t at a parkrun, but a charity run that we were doing a few weeks ago. Mum had both me and my new sister (who loves to run even more than me!) attached to her canicross belt and we were running on wet grass to keep out of other people’s way when mum slipped on the wet grass and fell on her bum in front of everyone. She jumped back up straightaway and kept on running but her face was bright red for some reason!
Anything else you’d like to share? Mum always calls me her ‘little man’, even though I’m bigger than her when I stand on my back paws! After every run, she hugs me and always tells me that she’s proud of me and that she loves me. She also says that I’m the best personal trainer she could have…. any time she slows down to catch her breath, I pull on the lead to make her run again. No time for a rest when I’m on the job! I hope I make her proud in Italy in October too.

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