News - 29th August 2018

Incredibly good reasons for running


Here at Intersport we’re big fans of running and we’d hazard a guess that, as parkrunners, you are too! We probably don’t need to tell you that the physical and mental benefits of running make it one of the ultimate options available. From better overall health to improved fitness and even greater happiness, the benefits are endless!

So, whether you need a little extra motivation or are trying to persuade a friend or loved one to join you at parkrun, here at a few good reasons for making running a regular habit!

Better cardiovascular health

For anyone looking to improve their cardio health and endurance, running is an efficient solution. Get your heart rate up by running for at least 30 minutes at moderate intensity and you’ll see results.

Strengthen your lower body, joints and even your core


Running works lots of different muscles. Of course, it strengthens all your leg muscles, from hamstrings to calves, to quads, as well as your glutes. But it even works your core. And if you don’t over-train, running builds strong joints and bones, too.

It’s simple and intuitive

The beauty of running is that it is not something you have to learn, and it doesn’t require complicated equipment. All you need is comfortable clothing and well-fitting running shoes (don’t forget that at many Intersport stores we offer free gait analysis and expert footwear advice).

You can do it anywhere, anytime

Spending a weekend in a different city? No problem. You can run wherever you are – and explore new surroundings while you’re at it. Or pop along to the local parkrun for a friendly introduction to the area. And don’t let the weather stop you: with the right gear, you can run year-round!

Mood-boosting benefits

Runners know that an invigorating run will make them feel instantly uplifted and, yes, happier. The effect is officially known as the runner’s high. Whatever you call it, it’s worth it.

Reduced stress

After a long, busy day, running is the ultimate stress buster. Or run in the mornings to start your day off right. At any time of day, it will make you feel calmer and clear your mind.

Better sleep

There’s nothing better than waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. One of the best benefits of running is the positive impact on sleep quality that many runners report.

Feel like a superstar

Once the benefits of running start accumulating, including improved mood, optimism and energy levels, plus better fitness and a more toned physique, you’ll feel more confident and accomplished every day.

Of course, check with a doctor before starting any exercise programme – but the magic of running is that it’s amazingly efficient and well-rounded. And you don’t need to overthink it. Just get out there and get running to look and feel your very best!

Remember that we’re always on hand here at Intersport with plenty of friendly advice, from tips about running through to gait analysis and finding your perfect shoe. Find your nearest store here


Don’t forget you can claim 10% off all running products in store at Intersport, as part of our ongoing parkrun partnership price #PPP*. Simply show your parkrun barcode (#DFYB!) to claim 10% off running products!


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See you at your next parkrun!


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