News - 20th February 2019

You will never look back once you start

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Regular parkrunner Ann Lynch can usually be found enjoying a 5k walk at Tralee parkrun on a Saturday morning. However this wasn’t always the case, 18 months ago Ann didn’t think parkrun was a place for her, until one morning she plucked up the courage to join the Tail Walker and tackle her first ever 5k.


My name is Ann Lynch I am 59 years young and from Tralee. I’m a Mother and Grandmother and I first started parkrunning a year and a half ago.


I used to see people enjoying parkrun on a Saturday morning and I would think about how much I wanted to take part, but I felt I couldn’t join is as I couldn’t jog or run and thought I was too heavy.


One Saturday morning I said to myself, “okay Ann let’s give this a go”, so off I went down to the park. As soon as I got to the gates I thought to myself what have I done, but I realised it was too late to back out, I heard someone calling for first timers but I kept my head down and hoped no one would notice me.


I set off with everyone else and started out on my first walk and a lovely lady called Majella was Tail Walker that day, she checked that I was okay, but if I am honest, I was just hoping that she’d pass me, I wanted to cover my face so that no one could see me. I couldn’t believe that when I got to the finish line there were people clapping and saying well done. I had taken the first step, I had finally done it after months of putting it off! I’d just finished my first ever 5k.


Fast forward to today. In those 18 months since I took my first steps I have walked 63 parkruns, including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and have travelled to Malahide to complete parkrun there. I have meet so many great people such as Majella, Catherine, Donna and so many others. My sister-in-law has recently started parkrunning and is great support.


parkrun has really helped me become a better and fitter version of myself and now I love getting up every Saturday morning to take part. After meeting Majella on that very first day, I felt I would like to volunteer as Tail Walker to support others in the way I have been supported, which I have since done. You will never look back once you start.


Ann Lynch

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