News - 8th May 2019

Green Ribbon Day


We know that our physical health impacts our mental health, and that if we improve it through diet and exercise it will have a positive effect on our mental health & lift our mood.


We also know that doing things with others has a positive effect, so doing things in groups and with your community can create a strong positive change.


See Change are delighted to have parkrun come on board this year for the Green Ribbon campaign. You will find Green Ribbons at each of the 85 parkrun events around the country – there are almost 20,000 ribbons being distributed for this alone!


That’s a lot of conversations being had, and all on the topic of mental health.


This weekend, join the Green Ribbon campaign on 11 May at your local parkrun event.


The WHY behind it all is simple; we believe that by one conversation at a time we will help change attitudes around mental health and reduce the stigma that is associated with it.


One conversation could open a door for someone who is in need of help or support. They may not have spoken to anyone before about it. That one conversation could just be the thing they need to reach out and get the help they need.


You don’t have to be an expert and have all the answers – simply being there for someone and giving them the time and space to be heard is a huge support.


We remind everyone that while we are asking people to start these important conversations, it’s also important to know where to signpost somebody IF they need help.


The best starting places are the Samaritans (116123 24/7 helpline number), who are available to anyone who is struggling, no matter WHAT they are struggling with or worried about. is a great resource also and lists county by county the services available.


Your local GP is an important part of the conversation as they can help to direct and refer to services when they are needed, apart from the immediate support that they can give.


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During the month of May, use the Hashtags #GreenRibbonIrl and #EndTheStigma on all your social media posts so we can see you!


You can also download our printable supporters pack from our website;


This campaign has been running for seven years so far. The ask is simple – wear the Green Ribbon and show your support for ending the stigma against mental health.

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