Noticeboard - 20th June 2019

June Volunteer Update


 Welcome to this month’s volunteer update. Here is some of the key information for the coming period:


  1. Event Day Support
  2. Branding
  3. Cash Handling Policy



1. Event Day Support


Every weekend two phone lines are covered on a rota basis by a dedicated ambassador to provide support for you and your event. Please use them, and if either number is engaged please leave a message and they will call you back as soon as possible.


Serious Incident Line (Ireland) – 01 691 7185


All serious incidents (which includes every instance of any of the emergency services being called) should be reported to us via this number once you have the matter in hand. As a courtesy, you should also inform your ambassador and the landowner please.


Please note that this is also the number to call in an emergency, if you require a parkrunner’s emergency contact details (should we have them). For more information on our process for storing emergency contact details see here.


Results Processing Support Line (Ireland) – +44 20 3322 4881


If you are having problems processing your results after your event please get in touch using this number. We are on-hand to reduce your stress levels and can help solve most issues on the day.




2. Brand


Our brand (the logo, typeface, colours, imagery and language) is how we visually and audibly communicate the ‘feeling’ of parkrun.


The parkrun name and logo are trademarks that can be used by event teams for one-off consumables (such as cakes or balloons), but not for durable items that typically last longer than the day of the event such as t-shirts, photography watermarks, milestone mementoes, hi-vis vests, mugs, badges, etc.


Further information can be found here but our advice is to keep it simple and if in doubt, please ask first. All requests are to be approved by the parkrun Communications Team via please.




3. Cash Handling Policy


A major key to the success of parkrun is the concept of keeping things as simple and minimising the work required to carry out day-to-day activities.


Our global volunteer network consists of hundreds of thousands of individuals and the handling of money has one of the greatest potentials to cause problems.


Our Cash Handling Policy is in place to reduce these problems:

  1. At no time should any money intended for parkrun, or associated in any way with the delivery or operations of parkrun, be deposited in any account other than those managed by parkrun Head Office, or be held in cash form by any parkrun volunteer.
  2. All donations (no matter how small) should be donated directly, by the donor, to parkrun using the dedicated donations platform or via parkrun head office.
  3. All startup fees for new events must be passed directly, by the donor themselves (or through a third party pre-agreed with parkrun HQ), to parkrun head office.

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