News - 6th November 2019

Delighted to feel so healthy


Lisa Dowling started parkrun in January 2018. Now a regular runner with the visually impaired community at Brickfields parkrun, she tells us her story.


I was born with a visual impairment and in my younger years I was very involved with sports and very independent.


When I was in my twenties I had several surgeries and had to stop physical exercise.


In recent years I was trying to find something to get involved in where I would get some help to navigate around.


A friend had told me about parkrun in her area and I heard it was starting in Brickfields park.


I got in touch with the team and they were so kind and welcoming. I walked for a few weeks and then one of the trained guide volunteers asked would I like to run and she would guide me.


Thanks to her I got back my love of running.


I have met so many friends and want to thank all the wonderful volunteers.


During the year I have gone on to do lots of other registered runs.


On July 13th 2019 four of us finished our 50th parkrun together. It was a lovely morning and they had balloons and cake to celebrate.


I would like to say a big thank you to parkrun. To all the volunteers who make it possible for me to run, thanks so much. I enjoy all the chats and I am delighted that I feel so healthy.


Lisa Dowling


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