News - 11th November 2019

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Name: Petula Ní Chléirigh


Age: For ladies – Non disclosure!
Occupation: Accountant
Local parkrun: Navan
Number of parkruns completed: 101
How did you get involved in parkrun?
I heard about parkrun events in Marley Park and Malahide and I hoped parkrun would come to Navan.
On the launch of parkrun in Navan (October 2015) I went along to the first event. I was then hooked, going back on a weekly basis and starting to volunteer. I became a member of the core team, have acted as Run Director and made greats friends too.
parkrun is a regular start to the weekend where I meet my friends and run colleagues, have chats & laugh, complete my run or volunteer and feel great afterwards. parkrun is great how it combines health, fitness and the social benefits.
What do you love about parkrun?
Everything! From the fitness, health and wellbeing, the outdoors, it’s for all ages, all abilities, the friendships, its family orientated, the sense of community, the chats and laughs on the morning with fellow parkrunners and the post-parkrun coffee/breakfast, parkrun tourism & challenges too
Who do you participate with?
My parkrun friends – Doreen, Kathleen, Ida, Rachel and Clodagh who are the core parkrun tourist crew, my fellow parkrun colleagues, and the greater parkrun community of Navan parkrun
Any parkrun milestones / achievements you would like to share?

  • 25 Volunteer, 50 Club, 100 Club
  • 61 Volunteer roles
  • ¼ member of the Cowell club – 26 parkrun tourist
  • Alphabet parkrun – 16 parkruns with letter of the alphabet
  • Overseas, UK – Harlow parkrun & Poland – Krakow parkrun
  • Bronze medal – complete 30 parkruns in a calendar year
  • Stopwatch bingo 49/60 achieved – collect all seconds 00 to 59 on parkrun time


How has parkrun impacted positively on your family outside of 9:30am on a Saturday?
The social aspect of parkrun has had a great impact as I have made so many new friends and got to know so many people in Navan as a result. This in turn led me to participate in community/national events as a group/team, always having a run buddy for an event in the community or county
Do you have a health or fitness goal?
When I look back to four years ago, my health and fitness goals were non-existent! I am now delighted to be able to run 5km and go to the gym. I am now part of the greater running and parkrun community, completing my 2nd marathon in October at the Dublin Marathon.
My focus will remain on my fitness levels, staying healthy & active, along with a positive mind-set and to embrace all fitness challenges that I set for myself. I also aim to remain a regular park runner in the long term and to support and encourage all new park-runners who take the parkrun challenge
Who is your dream parkrun running buddy?
I’m happy to run with my parkrun friends – Doreen, Kathleen, Ida, Rachel and Clodagh who I have had the pleasure to share the parkrun tourist experience with. We had many chats and laughs along the roads and parks of Ireland, not to mention the coffee & brekkies!
What was your best parkrun experience?
Travelling overseas to the UK and Poland to complete parkrun and meeting other fellow Irish park runners and family members. As the Run Director, it is completing the end to end task on the morning of parkrun and the sense of relief and achievement once the results are issued.
What was the funniest parkrun moment?
Every parkrun has its fun moments, meeting friends and fellow park runners, having the chat and laugh on the morning before and after parkrun brings out all the fun moments
What advice would you give to someone who’s never been to parkrun?
To come along, be it that you walk, jog, run or volunteer as parkrun has a great sense of friendship, family and community. It’s a great way to start the weekend combining fitness, the outdoors and the social aspect of parkrun. It’s not all about running or walking, what I look forward to mostly is catching up with people, welcoming someone new to parkrun, congratulating other park runners on key milestone or even just the great buzz on the morning.


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