News - 27th November 2019

The best medicine


Anne Marie Channon experienced severe heart problems, encouraged by her son and GP she went along to parkrun and now describes it as the best medicine. Here she tells us more.


Hi my name is Anne Marie Channon, from lisronagh, Clonmel. I’m now 48 and have just completed my 21st parkrun in clonmel.


On my 46th birthday, December 2016, I began having severe chest pains.


After many many months of hospital visits, I eventually got referred to Waterford for an angiogram to rule out heart problems.


It turned out that the main left artery to my heart was 90% blocked, and another was 30% blocked.


I had to have one stent fitted that same day. After my recovery, I soon began to get back to exercise as it’s highly recommended.


But within a number of months I became unwell again.


After another few months I was back in Waterford to see what was going on.


This time I had what’s called stent restenosis. My stent was blocked and my previously 30% blockage was now 60% and obstructing three other arteries.


So I had that stent replaced and three more fitted. Again I recovered quite well and started back exercising at heartwise clonmel, a place for cardiac rehabilitation. I now do this which four days a week and walk everywhere.


When my son took up Clonmel parkrun I asked my cardiac trainer and GP if I could do it and they said go for it!


So I did and I so love it.


I’ve met some really great and wonderful new people along the way. Here’s to many more parkruns.


The best medicine for anyone… and if I can do it anyone can..


Anne Marie Channon


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