News - 3rd December 2019

That same feeling

Paula Browne

Paula Browne began parkrunning after her sister decided to run the Vhi Mini Marathon. Now firmly in the parkrun family, Paula tells us how she loves the inclusivity of Saturday mornings.


In 2015 my sister said she wanted to run the Vhi Mini Marathon and so my running journey began.


I began to slowly build up my pace and speed to do my first ever 5k at my local parkrun in Oldbridge, Co.Meath along with my main supporter and training buddy my hubby John.


I did it on 25 April 2015 in a time of 31:11. I was thrilled I got my time to compete in the Mini Marathon but the whole atmosphere and support you get from parkrun is second to none.


Everyone supporting one another and, as I have always said and think is great, it is not a race.


parkrun is for everyone runners, joggers, walkers. You may not want to get out of that bed on a Saturday morning but when you do the sense of achievement is second to none whether you get a PB or not.


In January/February 2018 I went back to Oldbridge to mark my 50th parkrun and now 82 parkruns later that feeling is still with me.


I may be a bit of a parkrun nomad having done several other courses including Dundalk, Donabate, Navan and Westport. I may not do them every week but when I do it’s brilliant. The added bonus you meet lots of people and, on a personal level on the way home or in a coffee shop close to the parkrun you enjoy that well deserved lovely cup of coffee to relax.




Paula Browne

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