News - 4th December 2019

Run For Fun Programme 2019 Update

1847093 Cork group

Vhi would like to express a huge congratulations to the young people from Just Ask Homework Club in Dublin and Mayfield Foroige Youth Project in Cork for their dedication and commitment to the Vhi & Irish Youth Foundation (IYF) Run For Fun programme.


Last weekend a group from Just Ask Homework Club completed their first ever parkrun at Fairview parkrun and a group from Mayfield Foroige completed Glen River parkrun. Their parkrun challenge marked the culmination of eight weeks of Run for Fun training for the participants from both groups. Upon completion of parkrun they were each presented with a medal to congratulate them on their achievement.


The young people of the Run for Fun programme are recruited through their local clubs, with fitness instructors and nutritionists brought in to share expert advice and tailor training plans to their interests. Each week the group worked to improve their fitness levels and learnt how to lead healthier lifestyles, building up to taking part in their first 5km at their local parkrun.


Since the Run For Fun began three years ago, more than 170 young people have taken part in the programme. Vhi is proud to be involved alongside the Irish Youth Foundation (IYF), in a programme that encourages young people from disadvantage areas to get involved in running. The programme aims to help young people embrace the benefits offered through running, to build their self-esteem and resilience.

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