News - 30th December 2019

Our family norm

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Anne-Marie Brady first discovered parkrun when her daughter was 6 weeks old. She continued parkrunning and volunteering during her second pregnancy, here she tells us why parkrun is such an important part of family life.


A good friend of mine, who’s little girl is the same age, brought me along to Hartstown parkrun, introduced me to a few fellow runners and we got on our way (with the husbands and babies on the sidelines cheering us on).


From that day forth I was hooked!


I quickly learned that the place to be on a Saturday morning, if I wasn’t running, was volunteering. I started to become part of this amazing community, making new friends and even introducing a few old friends to the parkrun concept!


I joined the Hartstown meet and train club and felt like I was really becoming a runner. Despite having previously run two marathons, I had never joined a running club before, as I was always concerned that my pace was too slow.


I fell pregnant with my second child and continued parkrunning during my pregnancy. I completed my 50th parkrun and earned my lovely red T-shirt when I was 17 weeks pregnant, it’s a good thing it’s nice and stretchy!


I also joined the core volunteering team during my pregnancy (well, it wasn’t as if the toddler was ever going to give me a lie in on a Saturday morning!) The week before the baby was due one of our team had to pull out of doing run director at the last minute, and I put myself forward, just asking that I have some back up in case baby decided to make an appearance early!


He kindly gave me a bit of a reprieve in between though, and made his entrance into the world 60 hours later!


For me it is hugely important that my children grow up with the parkrun culture being our family’s norm. That sense of community, of getting up and getting out, rain or shine, of getting some exercise, fresh air, the opportunity to volunteer, to meet friends, old and new, is not to be rivalled.


Anne-Marie Brady


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