News - 3rd March 2020

Incredible friendships


Sixteen members of Deirdre Henchy’s family are now parkrunners. She tells us how discovering parkrun has led to incredible friendships and a new, extended family.


My parkrun journey started late 2014 when my brother Justin suggested I join him for a parkrun in Malahide.


That first parkrun floored me, and I had no intention of doing it again. Then in January 2015 I decided to try it again so here begins the start of my parkruns.


It was a slow journey but I was getting so much enjoyment from doing parkrun. With living in the Midlands there were no events neearby, so I could only manage them now and then.


When one started up in Poppintree, just five minutes away from where I grew up, and where I still do go visit the parents and stay overnight, it was perfect.


The friendship that developed was unbelievable, meeting up with old school friends and new ones made too, an extended family.


Now sixteen members of my family have also done parkrun, and I have clocked up 148 parkruns and 48 volunteer roles.




I have also gone on to do six ladies mini marathons, numerous 5k events, five miles, ten miles, six half marathons, and last year I completed the Dublin marathon.


Normally, I would do my parkrun on Saturdays but I recently decided to go and watch my niece and nephew do junior parkrun in Albert College on a Sunday. I also volunteered that day at junior parkrun.


junior parkrun is a lovely different experience, it’s great watching young children having fun. There’s a buzz and excitement for each and every one of them!


For those who would say parkrun is not for them, I think they might be wrong! There are so many around and it is for everyone, young and old. Sign up today you won’t regret it!


Deirdre Henchy


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