News - 1st July 2020

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Name: Darina Hynes

Age: 40

Occupation: Scientist

Local parkrun: Tymon

Number of parkruns completed: 102


How did you get involved in parkrun?

My friend recommended her local parkrun but was a little far away for me so I decided to check out Tymon parkrun on my own one Saturday morning in October 2017 and have never looked back since! It is part of my weekend routine and I do not know what I did before parkrun!


What do you love about parkrun?

I love that I turned up on my own but became part of the Tymon parkrun community. I love meeting regular faces every week and how volunteering helped me get to know people even better. Plus the celebration of special moments, especially milestones, inclusiveness and cake!!!


Who do you participate with?

I participate with my buddies aka “Park Mutha Runners” – Kiara-Jane, Elaine and volunteer with my twin daughters who are 3!


Any parkrun milestones / achievements you would like to share?

I achieved the 100 parkrun Milestone on December 21 2019. I was delighted to make this milestone the year of my 40th birthday.


How has parkrun impacted positively on your family outside of 9:30am on a Saturday?

My twin daughters love when I come home from “Mammy’s” race every Saturday and hope I am becoming a good role model for a healthy life. They also love volunteering and the “party” afterwards! My twins helped me make my 100 milestone cake!


Do you have a health or fitness goal?

I completed two half marathons in 2019 and would like to join a running club in 2020 to help with training for a full marathon in the future.


Who is your dream parkrun running buddy?

My twins when they grow up


What was your best parkrun experience?

Running over the finish line with my two parkrun buddies (Kiara-Jane and Elaine) for my 100th or was it running through the massive puddle of ice cold water??


What was the funniest parkrun moment?

Elaine, Kiara-Jane and I were all out celebrating our 50 milestone in a local bar. A group of guys asked what we were celebrating and we said “our 50th’s” thinking it was our 50th birthdays – instead they were really impressed when we told them it was for our 50th parkrun!


What advice would you give to someone who’s never been to parkrun?

Just turn up and try walking the course first so you get used to the route and you will never be last as there is always the tail walker at the end. Finally, don’t forget your barcode!


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