News - 19th August 2020
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Ann Battersby tells us of how much she is appreciating being able to chat over a coffee with friends after (not)parkrunning, having missed these simple pleasures over the lockdown period.


I thought parkrun looked like something I could do as I had never done much exercise but I did like to walk. At the time there was no parkrun local to me so I put the idea on hold.


A couple of years later, I saw a posting from Julie O’Connor in which she expressed her wish to set up a parkrun event locally in Waterstown Park. She invited anyone interested in helping to attend a meeting in a local café.


For that first meeting it was just Julie and I but the rest is history and I was hooked! I started out as a volunteer, which I really enjoy but I did always wonder what it would be like to participate as a parkrunner as they always looked very happy, so I gave it a go. Of course I loved it!  It was the perfect start to my Saturday morning. It’s the sense of community that makes it so special.


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I have really missed parkrun and exercising with company. When the lockdown came about initially, I tried to run on my own but didn’t enjoy it at all. I then decided I would walk and see how that went. It was better and from there I started to do a short run in the morning and then a long walk in the evening.


I had various routes that were all around 8k, I would then head into Waterstown park and finish up there. To start with it felt strange to be in the park on my own but it was lovely to enjoy being outside in that environment and the great weather really helped.


On Saturday mornings I have been regularly heading down to the park to do my ‘virtual’ parkrun. I told my daughter that I stand at the start of my virtual parkrun and give myself a ‘3,2,1 go’ count down in my head! She laughed and asked if I give myself a pre-run briefing too! Afterwards, I tell her that I’ve had a great run but had forgotten my barcode so I wouldn’t be getting any results. It became a standing joke each week.


As the restrictions lifted a few of us arranged to meet, but there was still nowhere to go for a coffee and a chat and I really missed that. Finally, last Saturday, one of the local coffee shops was allowed to have people sitting inside, so, we decided to head in and finally enjoy a chat over a coffee after our (not)parkrun.


We have now started to do the (not)parkrun and I have been loading the results for the five of us as we sit having our coffee. I love the (not)parkrun and seeing the results every week, it seems to be gathering pace with more people joining in. I even got a PB last week! Happy days!


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Ann Battersby

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