News - 26th August 2020

Some normality returning

Laura M 2

Laura Murray is normally a distance runner who has completed 23 marathons and 4 ultramarathons but it’s parkrun that she is missing the most.


I have been involved with parkrun since November 2015. My first parkrun did not set out looking at all promising! It was a rainy morning and I was a bit tired from a party the night before, so I was slightly regretting having got out of bed early. Of course, I really enjoyed the event and it was lovely to socialise afterwards. I met a lot of people that day who I am still in contact with now.


Laura M 1


parkrun is such a great and positive event that gets me up and out every Saturday morning. I have met so many friendly and supportive people through it and l love the regular catch up chat with familiar faces and new ones from afar. I am part of the core team for my local Castletown parkrun and really enjoy helping out. I also helped set up Tolka Valley parkrun when I lived near there for a while, but my local event is once again Castletown parkrun.


Laura M 4


My best parkrun moments include achieving my milestones and I was over the moon with my PB of 22:54 back in October 2018.


I suffer from mild asthma and have anxiety and I find that running helps with my physical and mental health.


When the pandemic prevented parkrun from taking place, I continued getting up on Saturday mornings to run my 5k (not)parkrun in the amazing grounds of Castletown House. It is within the 2k radius of my home and it helped me to cope with the lockdown situation and living on my own.


I have also been taking part in some virtual runs during lockdown including: The Great Tennessee virtual run (1022k); The Wild Atlantic Donegal virtual run (500k); The Finn MC Cool Challenge (1350k). These challenges have kept me busy and also been good for my fitness levels.


Laura M 5


It’s great to see that the (not)parkrun has started. I feel a bit of normality returning to my Saturday mornings. I have been completing my (not)parkruns in Castletown House grounds, and all the while very much hoping that I will be parkrunning there for real again very soon.


Laura Murray

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