News - 7th October 2020

You can still enter the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon!

013 NO REPRO FEE Vhi Virtual Womens Mini Marathon

Calling all female parkrunners –  it’s not too late to sign up and take part in the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon is here!


The Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon officially kicked last Thursday, October 1, and is running until this Saturday, October 102020. Participants can complete the 10km event ‘their way’ over the course of the 10 days. So, if you love and miss your morning 5k parkrun, it is not too late to sign up and take part!


To mark the occasion, Vhi commissioned a statue of a female runner representing all women participating in the event. The statue, called ‘Cara’, meaning friend in Irish, will be on display outside the Mansion House in Dublin city centre from October 1st to 10th. Made from more than 200 pieces of sustainably sourced wood, ‘Cara’ is a symbol of all the women taking part in the Vhi Virtual Women’s Mini Marathon. While they can’t be together for this year’s event, she signifies the strength and power within all the women taking part.


You can check out ‘Cara’s’ journey from the initial designs to the Mansion House right here:


If you would like to register, find out more at:

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