News - 7th April 2021

What has been your favourite parkrun experience? Vhi asks parkrunners!


As the warmer weather approaches and the evenings get brighter, it has us thinking about the great memories that we have all built over the years through parkrun. We know that you are all longing for the day when you’ll be able to return to your local parkrun again, and hopefully as brighter days lie ahead it won’t be too long before that happens. We asked various parkrunners from around Ireland what has been their favourite parkrun experience so far. Here are some of the interesting responses we got back!


“For me, my favourite experience with parkrun has be the volunteering side of it, every week. It’s the finish line smiles and the lovely comments you get from people thanking you. It’s walking into the café in Lough Key and seeing and feeling the buzz after parkrun. It’s the friendships made, it’s really all about the friendships and the community we’ve created.”  – Patricia Kelly McGarry, Lough Key parkrun


“I think when I went to Progression parkrun in Mountjoy prison for my 100th run as it was a very memorable experience. I emailed the organisers to apply to take part, and I was treated superbly and given a very warm welcome by the parkrunners there.They presented me with a lovely framed certificated of my 100 runs, proudly mounted in my house.” – Olaf Dennison, Navan parkrun


“Travelling overseas to the UK and Poland to complete parkrun and meeting other fellow Irish parkrunners and family members has to have been my favourite experience.”– Petula Ní Cleirigh, Navan parkrun


“In Christmas 2019, my daughter Siobhan completed her first parkrun in Australia and at the same time, I completed my 100th parkrun in Castlehaven. That was a great experience ” – John Hutchins, Castlehaven, Co.Cork


“My favourite experience of parkrun so far has been when I completed my 50th parkrun. So many people came up to me afterward to say congratulations and they were all so pleased for me! It was very heart-warming!”  – Aisling Fitzpatrick, Ballincollig parkrun


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